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DSL rant

Verizon DSL Sucks Last night I was running at 3.0mpbs  to 2.75mpbs now it cant get higher then 0.45mpbs I'm sick in tired of the

slow Speeds I'm going be discounecting service afther March. I'm tired of the Rep help Unplug this reset that try pluging your modem right into the computer none of the above WORKS!!!!!!!!!!! I tryed every thing I mean it seems to work after I reset the modem for a while but then its back to the HICKUPS. I move they put me on a new plan which makes me {word filter avoidance} off  and then they make you pay 30 bucks for Dail up speeds I mean I payed $30 bucks for Fios inter net when i lived in vegas That tops 50mpbs download and 10mpbs upload Come on??? 

Also another big complaint Why can't you bring FIOS to my town we have enough people here that would love to swicth why do we have to move to a city too enjoy fast internet...

Re: DSL rant

Sorry to hear about your DSL slowdown. I have sent you a private message to get more information.

Re: DSL rant

The general gist of your post sounds a lot like mine. Verizon's service, and customer support, are equivalent to a lemonade stand. Ha! Actually, I'd probably receive better service from ACS World, and they've been bankrupt for years.

And yeah, I've dealt with the same nonsensical crap where tech support agents always insist that the problem is on YOUR end, because according to Verizon, their service is 100% perfect, and never experiences issues.

Have a look-see at the thread I posted just a few moments ago, you'll see why I utterly despise this company, their service, and the nincompoops they hire to Copy/Paste pregenerated responses.