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Difference Between Hookup for Router and Hookup for TV?

Hello. I have FIOS TV, Internet, and phone service. I had a TV in room A and my router in room B. Then, we flipped rooms, and I moved the router to room A and the TV to room B. The router seems to be working fine using the cable that had previously serviced the TV, but the TV is having some trouble using the cable that had previously serviced the router. My Guide doesn't get any program description data, and the On-Demand menus fail with an error saying that there is a problem retrieving data.

In short, the TV doesn't seem to be getting all of the data it needs through the cable that used to service my router. I was wondering if anybody had any idea of the differences between a hook-up connected to a TV and a hook-up connected to a router are, and if it would be possible for me to adjust this on my own. I'm scheduling a visit from a technician, but I'd like to save the related charges, and thought I'd solicit some advice in advance. Thanks very much for your time.

Re: Difference Between Hookup for Router and Hookup for TV?

Only thing I can think of, is to do factory reset with your router(hold reset button behind router, with pen or pencel, for 30 sec. and wait for internet light to come back on green). After reset, give it about 15-20 min, and check stb after turning it off and on. If still no guide, then it possibly be a splitter in one of the rooms, that may be degrading some of the signal needed for the data stream to get through to the stb in the other room. Do you have more than one stb in the home, and possibly have visible sight of possible said coax splitter, or do coax cables go through walls?

Sorry, that's the only thing I got...

The B.o.b....

Re: Difference Between Hookup for Router and Hookup for TV?

I would try restarting the STB first. 

What may have happened is you brought up the STB first before the router. 

The STB is just like a computer in that it needs to get an IP address from the router.  It may have came up first and didn't see the router.  A computer may keep tying but the STB may just give up if it doesn't see one right away.  If the STB doesn't have an IP it can't go out to the internet and get the data it needs for the guide and the on demand.

Of course if the computers in your house aren't working then you would have to look at the router.