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Download speed drops drastically at night


Longtime Verizon DSL customer, never had any problems with the service, although I never really demanded too much of it.  Recently, to save on cable costs, I got a Roku streaming player.  Concurrent with that, I upgraded my DSL to the 3-7 mbps level. 

Most of the day, I get between 4-5 mbps, which is fine for me as it allows me to stream in HD.  However, from around 8-11 at night, the download speed drops drastically, to well under 1 mbps, which makes streaming unwatchable.  I called tech support (in India) and they sent me a new modem (Westell 6100g) to replace the old one (Westell 6100).  That didn't help.  I called verizon again, and spent 3 hours going through the whole rigamarole, unplugging this, rebooting that, etc., all to no effect.

Since I'm getting the proper download speed for most of the day, I don't believe the problem is in my house.  Any suggestions on what I should do, or what I should ask of Verizon?  Thanks in advance for any help.

I see I'm supposed to post my transciever stats----I don't really understand this stuff, but I think I found that:

Transceiver Statistics
Transceiver Revision
Vendor ID Code 4D54
Line Mode ADSL_G.dmt
Transceiver InformationDown Stream PathUp Stream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec)5216832
Margin (dB)12.310.0
Line Attenuation (dB)47.528.0
Transmit Power (dBm)19.911.9
Re: Download speed drops drastically at night

You've got it. For the most part those statistics look OK. The line isn't holding the correct sync rates on the downstream and upstream so it might be seeing issues at night with noise causing errored bits. Sync for 5Mbps is typically in the upper 5Mbps range, but that might also be an optimized speed you're holding there. Upstream is not optimized, and it should be at 864kbps.

At this point since you already have 5Mbps and your line seems to be a bit on the lenghty side, I would keep Verizon out of this until we find out what exactly is happening. Going to have you do two things.

1: If you don't have an account at DSLReports already, make one and perform their line quality test using this link: . When "system" messages you back stating a test has completed, supply the URL to the test. It should contain reverse traceroutes and some ping graphs of your test. Don't supply the link to your test history as it'll show up as my test history instead.

2: Log into the modem at during the times you're seeing bad speeds. Click on System Monitoring, then Advanced Statistics in the left hand navigation. In the page that appears (past the advanced users only warning), you should see a link for advanced WAN Statistics or a link that takes you to a page that supplies info such as this:


Under the network section where it shows In Error Packet and Out Error Packets, refresh the page every minute or so and see if you can see a steady amount of errors occurring as data is transferred on the line (you'll want to run a download for this. Something huge will work). If you can bring up a page that shows ATM statistics, that will be even better as we can reload that page to see if ATM Cells are being corrupted.



Re: Download speed drops drastically at night

Since we haven't heard back from you on the private support case we escalated, it appears assistance is no longer required. If you need any future help with your Verizon service, please make a post here on the forums so we can assist.

Re: Download speed drops drastically at night
It seems everyones speed drops at night about the same time yours does. It used to be that DSL had never lost it's speed when your neighbor got on because you had a dedicated line to the Verizon hub. Well, due to the new straming of movies, the speed will drop at night. I actually have gotten slower than dial up speed some nights. I sit and wait for a site to load. Yes, it gets one mad but what can we do about it? Pay for cable which does the same thing but cost 3 times more than DSL. One has to live with it or pay 3 times more and get a slower speed. I am sure Verizon will one day be able to keep up with the demand. I am 3 blocks from the main hub and I still drop from 11Mbps to under 1 Mbps at night. Someone told me that Verizon caps the lines so everyone stays on line instead of losing DSL all together which I guess is a good idea. I just know I would rather lose speed at the prise I am paying than lose speed from cables prices. I have see where people pay way over $100 for cable internet and they lose speed every night. So, make a decision on what you want to pay and lose, low DSL or high priced cable. It is a no brainer. Since the streaming of movies from Netflix and Blockbuster and others everyones loses speed on DSL and cable.