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FIOS 75/75 Down to 12/13 every evening
I have 75/75. Every evening, speed drops to 10-15 down and the latency shoots up. I have called tech support 3 times, and they always want to blame it on my equipment. However, I run a Sam Knows white box, so my data comes directly from the router -- no mis-configured computers or operator error. A technician finally showed up today, took one look and said it is a Verizon problem -- blaming Cogent (who provides the backbone to Verizon). Well, I am not convinced. I had Cablevision for years and my 100/35 was ruler flat all day. When I first got FIOS this was not an issue. Now I can't use VPN and stream Pandora in the evening. The area has recently been wired for FIOS and the congestion corresponds to an increase in the number of my neighbors switching to Verizon. This daily congestion is obviously a symptom of a shared connection -- the very feature that Verizon uses to distinguish itself from cable. How do I communicate with someone at Verizon to restore my service? I have not been able to get past the tech support guys reading from a script and re-booting my router and the ONT. Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.
Re: FIOS 75/75 Down to 12/13 every evening

To do this, neighbors will need to call in ideally at the same time you do to report a problem. In GPON areas Verizon should not be doing stupid things like running the OLTs off of a single Gigabit Ethernet card. Those should be running off of 3x1Gbps or 10Gbps links per PON. This ensures oversubscription occurs at a more sensible place.

FiOS is a shared resource like Cable. Unless Cable where you can have anywhere from 5 to 500 modems on a single node, FiOS PONs are split 16-64 ways depending on the area. BPON is limited to a maximum of 32 splits, sharing 622Mbps down, 133Mbps up. GPON is 64 splits maximum with 2.4Gbps down, 1.2Gbps up. Most are 32 splits or less.

What model ONT do you have? This tells us whether you're in a BPON or a GPON area, which will help us narrow down what could be causing speeds to drop so low.

Re: FIOS 75/75 Down to 12/13 every evening

Interesting.  I have noticed the exact same issue here in NJ almost daily, and similarly I am getting the runaround from tech support.  I have been documenting the drop in internet download speed for over a month now.  Three times a "supervisor" was scheduled to call me in the evening around 9PM to supposedly troubleshoot the problem with me, but only once did I get a call.  Of course, that call was at 10:30 and the speed was fine then.  Similarly, I am wired directly to their router from my computer.   And I am an EE who could design their network and who has designed parts of telecom systems deployed under the ocean.  It would be incredibly hard for me to buy that this problem is anything but an issue with their network's ability to handle and route traffic during prime time, which of course is one of the things FiOS is supposed to be able to do better than cable.  Not in my case.

I have been documenting the daily speed drops from over 80Mbps in the AM or during the day, to sometimes as low as 3Mbps at night.  Verizon, please own the problem, fix it, and provide a bill credit for reduced service.  In a non-net-neutral position, Verizon charges extra for faster download speeds, which I am not always getting when using my PC wired directly to your router in the evening.  

Re: FIOS 75/75 Down to 12/13 every evening

As an EE how did you rule out that the trouble isn't at the other end?  That is a weird statement, unless you have a lot of data that you aren't sharing with us.