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FIOS Failure at Home & now new Office installation

This will take awhile. I apologize in  advance. I have two major issues. One has existed for 3 years or more and the other is brand new. 

Some info about me
- FIOS HD with premium channels at home 15/5    $200+/month
- Verizon Wireless Customer 2 phones and a Galaxy tablet   $125+/month
- FIOS Office Install planned.   $113/month planned

Existing FIOS at Home

I live in a condo in Annapolis. I wanted FIOS badly. Happy to move from
Comcast. The installer came to my house and hooked up the fios box in my
furnace utility room and ran the wire into a small box inside my home.
Then he told me the following. This is the only phone line install you
will get. All of the wired phone jacks in your house will go dead when I
am done. "Take it or leave it" in so many words. This is not a lie or
exaggeration. So all 6 or 7 of my phone jacks are dead. I have to use
cordless phones. I have two phone lines too. One for business. I have
had to run ridiculous lengths of phone line from my office through the
walls at great pain and expense to hook into the small fios box at the
place of entry so I can talk on my business phone. The phone line in my
office is DEAD like the rest. Cost of wring in time and labor $200+.  

I called Verizon multiple times to address. The fios people said "oh you
need to talk to the phone people. We can't help with that". The phone
people said " that's fios we can't touch that or help you." This went on
and on and on. Literally HOURS on the phone. No joke. And NOTHING has
been fixed.  I pay about $200 a month and I get this? This has existed
for about 3 years. I am self employed so spending hours on the phone
with Verizon over and over cost me hours of billing time. I gave up.  Beaten down.

Hold on it gets worse.

Let me stop and say that I love the cable\ and internet speed. I want to offer my praise but Verizon doesn't care.

 NEW Phone Install at Office

I have an office on West Street in Annapolis. West Street is the main
street in Annapolis. It's a busy, busy place. My office is in a 2 story
office building that has been there for over 25 years. I called Verizon
to install  two phone lines and fios internet 15/5. $113 a month after
fees they told me. I gave them the address. I worked with a Jennifer P.
who set this up and got an appointment for yesterday 1-5PM. Great ...I

On Thursday or Friday of last week I get a call (not from Jennifer P.
who was so on top of me getting this set up) that the install would not
be happening for "awhile". I had cancelled my afternoon on Monday (I am
self employed) to get this to occur. So now my day is wasted and I am
out several hours of billing. I called to find out that the building is
not ready for this installation. I would have to wait until April 3. You
mean the office building on the busiest street in Annapolis the state
capitol of Maryland? On further pressing this date now has a "fuzzy"
setting when the person tells me. The words "around" "probably" "should
be" are being used now. When I set this up there was this long pause in
my calls to Jennifer P. to "CHECK and CONFIRM" my location could offer
fios and be ready. I was given a thumbs up and the installation was set.
So here I am. Customer Zero.  Totally screwed at home for 3 years or
more. Now in need of an office telco/internet setup ASAP. I have asked
for a supervisor or manager to call me and I get .....NOTHING. Oh and
Jennifer P.? I sent her an email on Saturday figuring a response
yesterday. NONE AT ALL. It's 1130am on Tuesday and no one has called or

Do I do the unthinkable and go to COMCAST? They are the worst in my
opinion. The thought of doing this makes me crazy. However my business
needs to GET MOVING. I have people and money in play now based on the
planned Monday installation that has not occurred and will not occur for
almost a month if they stick to that April 3 date which sounds unreal. Every day I don't have that office hooked up is costing me money.

Can anyone offer some advice to address these issues?




Re: FIOS Failure at Home & now new Office installation

Yes, my advice is;  return to Comcast.  I don't know what your prior experience was with Comcast but your current situation with FIOS is deplorable.  I switched from Comcast to FIOS to save money and I think I am and at present, I have no particular beef with FIOS.  However, in my neighborhood, Comcast trucks are common.  They will even come on weekends.  You can always flag down a Comcast truck and describe your problem.  Sometimes the driver will offer a simple solution, other times he will give tips about making phone contact.  My co-worker has a Comcast guy in her apartment building and he gives her all kinds of help.  In sum, Comcast has people, real ones, not one-shot voices like your pal Jennifer. 

Re: FIOS Failure at Home & now new Office installation

Hi customerzero,

Please go to your profile page for the forum by clicking on your name, and look down the middle towards the bottom where you will find an area titled "My Private Support Cases".

There you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.



Re: FIOS Failure at Home & now new Office installation

They have sent me messages that there may be an issue with the CONDITION OF THE LINES AND DISTANCE TO THE BOX. This is absolute GARBAGE. The condition of the 7 wired phone jacks that FIOS KILLED was PERFECT. The distance to my telephone panel is about 12 feet. While I spent DAYS on the phone a few years ago I ASKED TO PAY FOR THE FIX and they still wouldn't do it.

I heard from Jennifer P who said it may be that engineering work required. They had no problem locking me down for a 2 year contract and $113 per month. THIS IS AN OFFICE BUILDING on the BUSIEST STREET IN THE STATE CAPITAL OF MARYLAND. It's a shame that I am forced to blast Verizon here to even get someone to pay attention to me.

They also want me to mark this issue as RSESOLVED. It's not resolved. It's not even close.

I will continuer to post here until this is fixed. Perhaps someone at Verizon will see this as an opportunity to do something that makes them look good.

Stand by. 

Re: FIOS Failure at Home & now new Office installation

Since we haven't heard back from you as requested in your private support case, it appears assistance is no longer required. Please make a new post anytime you need assistance.

Re: FIOS Failure at Home & now new Office installation
Super User
Super User

This is one of those oddball stories to say the least. Without the details of why the tech could not hook up the rest of the jacks in your home, I'd have to say this could be solved easily and quickly with some tooling. Typically when Verizon installs FiOS, they will disconnect your home from whatever previous service it was connected to if you're replacing that service with FiOS. if it was a copper connection from Verizon, they pull the copper connection from your NID and then connect your NID up to the FiOS ONT. If your telephone wiring goes from the NID to a central meeting point, they will often connect up at the central meeting point and remove the cable connecting your home's copper to the NID. Everything in one go.

Fixing that should be rather simple, but hard to say that when I don't have a diagram or anything else go by for your home's wiring. Honestly, 10 minutes of work, tops should get all of your jacks working again. Just be sure you are not not backfeeding to some other provider's lines.

As for business setups, there are issues with some locations in my area with getting FiOS Business service installed, but yes they should be priority connections as you are after all, paying a bit more. Let the Verizon rep who posted above try to help you out, or try Twitter support. You should be able to get the installation date bumped to almost nothing (probably next day).