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FIOS is S-L-O-W... Can ANYONE help!?!

HELP!!! I have been a LONG TIME fios customer and I'm at my WITS END with them! 

My LATEST problem (and there are MANY) is that I cant even stream a video... I currently moved into a new home and decided to bump my speed to the 75/35 mbps package... FOR WHAT!?!  Even on a WIRED connection my system CRAWLS! WI-FI? Not even an option! Ran optimizer... speed test results are saying 35.33 down 41 up... when using other speed test sites  I get COMPLETLT different ressults... Im honestly sick of calling them as EVERY SINGLE person I reach either lies or just sends me on wild goose chases... Does ANYONE have ANY ideas how to fix this or know of a way I could get ahold of someone who actually KNOWS what they are doing.... Thanks a bunch! Chad

Re: FIOS is S-L-O-W... Can ANYONE help!?!


I seem to be also have the same issue here in Franklin Square tonight.

Re: FIOS is S-L-O-W... Can ANYONE help!?!

Have Verizon check the ONT logs and statistics to see if they can spot anything wrong with the fiber signal coming in. I believe the ONT will report such info. Also, have them also have a network engineer check PON load and the OLT to make sure there's no issue.

On your end, give your router a factory reset and also check the MoCa Coax signal speed. See this FAQ: . Also, stick to wired for the time being if possible and ensure you're running at a speed of 100Mbps with Full Duplex mode enabled on the NIC.

Are you sure the system itself isn't slow? I've seen plenty of machines running old Celerons, ancient Athlons or Pentium 4s that are just not up to the job Windows places on them and choke on faster connections. If you can provide your system specs (RAM, CPU, Video card, etc) we can also get an idea of what may be wrong.

Re: FIOS is S-L-O-W... Can ANYONE help!?!

We sent you a message on our private support board to assist you  and we did not receive a response.  Please repost the issue if you are still experiencing a problem so that we may assist you.