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FIOS support in my building

I am trying to get FIOS in my new apartment in Ridgewood Queens.    It seems the building (about 15 units total) is partly FIOS available, including maybe apartments on my hall.   For some reason my apartment isn't available, according to Verizon.    A customer service rep put in a Fast Ticket and this was the engineer reply:

"Building is not fully FIOS capable, only some locations.   Customer job has been postponed.   A pathway must be provided by the building owner to feed these apartments."    If FIOS is in the building, what can be done to wire it to my apartment?   When I call FIOS customer service, they say they can put in a request with engineering, but if engineering says no, they have no recourse.   Just yesterday I spent another hour on the phone with customer service, going over the problem in detail.  The rep who was very competent said he would call back today, and would escalate the issue.    I didn't hear back.   There's no account for the apartment so they don't have a way to track this issue (I have and manage a FIOS account on Long Island, though under a different name).    How can I get in touch with someone who can really help?   How can I get someone to the building to look at the actual situation?    Since there are some apartments capable, but not mine yet, there must be a solution.   There are two coaxial jacks in my apartment (currently running Spectrum, recently ordered, which just doesn't deliver the speed required by my work).    If I can set up a visit with Verizon technicians,  I'm sure the landlord will provide whatever pathway or access is needed and available.    I'm willing to put anything I can into this because faster internet is crucial for my business which is partly conducted from home.     I've already spent several hours on the phone with Verizon using the usual channels.    I need another solution.    Please help 
Re: FIOS support in my building

When field operations say "pathway," they mean a physical pathway. That is a pathway to route the fibers from the splitter (likely in your building) to your apartment. To allow field technicians to fish fiber to your unit, your apartment needs a conduit or other wire ducts from the fiber splitter all the way to your unit.

You need to ask the landlord where's the splitter is and how he/she can install a conduit/duct to your apartment.