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How to connect wireless modem to computer using ethernet

I recently had an old Westell modem replaced with a Dlink wireless modem. I've been able to connect my desktop computer to my Verizon High-Speed Internet service wirelessly with the new modem. But I'd like to know if it is also possible to to switch to my previously wired Broadband Connection for my computer and use the wireless connection for other devices (which I don't have right now)? I tried to do it. The computer asks for my user name and password, which I never had to use before and don't remember. So do I only have the option of connecting the computer wirelessly now?

Re: How to connect wireless modem to computer using ethernet

It sounds like you have a legacy PPPoE connection set up on your computer. Try this.

Go to Start > Control Panel (If you are on Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, right click the Start button and select Control Panel).

Select Network & Internet

Select Network Connections. You should get something which looks like this.


Find the adapter usually labeled "Broadband Connection," which looks like a phone icon with a globe behind it. Right click and Delete it.

Find the adapter "Local Area Connection" or "Ethernet." In my case it's called Ethernet. Make sure it says Cable Unplugged or otherwise shows a Connection. Double click on this to bring up the Status page.

Confirm the Window shows "Internet" for IPv4, like mine does.


The only time the computer may otherwise ask for a Username and Password is if your modem isn't configured to connect up to the Verizon network. This will appear as a Verizon page ( I believe is the site), and it's simply asking for the Username and Password to your Master Verizon account.

As for connecting wirelessly on all devices, it works the same with the replacement modem. Just make sure you have the Network Name (Also known as SSID) and the Password. Both should be found on a sticker located someplace on the D-Link.