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Incoming landline calls knock out my DSL connection

For about 2 months,  incoming calls on my landline phone knock out my home network connectivity. This also happens sometimes when I make outgoing calls on the landline. I use a splitter in the landline phone jack as I have for years, but I have never had this problem before. The connection does not restore itself after being knocked out. I have to reboot the modem/router. I have Broadband DSL not FIOS or dial-up. Any ideas how to fix this? Also wondering why it just started to happen in recent months.

Re: Incoming landline calls knock out my DSL connection

Hi rt1954,

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Re: Incoming landline calls knock out my DSL connection

You likely have a bad halfringer or a short somewhere on the line. Not too uncommon at all.

The best way to troubleshoot this would be to check over the condition of the jacks in your home first, and to consider all devices connected to the telephone line. When checking over your wiring, make sure all connections behind the jacks are tight, and also check to make sure the jacks are not corroded within the jack. Also, unplug all devices along with their DSL filters (keep it with the phone/device) except for a single phone from the wall jacks and test calling out and calling in. Also, try the DSL modem and the phone in another jack too, and see if the problem persists. If it persists despite the above, the problem is likely elsewhere.

The next step to troubleshooting would be to take the modem and your phone and splitter, along with a filter out to your NID. Most modern NIDs are plastic boxes often found outside of your home or near your electrical panel that include a test jack within the customer access portion for testing out your phone and data services. Check to make sure the jack in the NID is also free of dirt and corrosion, along with any connections that you can visibly see. It's okay if the jack is a "Gel" in it since this is used to keep moisture away from the copper outside. If the problem still persists at the NID, call Verizon and have them fix this.

For more information on what a NID is, see this FAQ:

If you do need anaything clarified just let me know!