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Internet Connections Randomly Go Out

I have about 5-6 devices running at the same time (teenage kids) and me behind my dektop graphics workstation. We are heavily dependant on the Internet and every now and then my internet with Verizon cuts out. I had cable internet, about 15 months ago, at 50Mbps and same amount of devices but never once had this problem. I have switched to fios because I fell for the ads of what Gigabit fios provides, I assumed It will be quicker to up and download large files. I am beginning to regret the switch.

The problem seems to go away when I reset the wireless router and the extender but I loose the internet 10 minutes later again. sometimes this happens once sometimes it happens about 4 or 5 times. Its extremely frustrating and a joy kill. I would have been happy paying the extra costs for having a fast internet but it turns out that I'm paying more for extra frustrations and a lesser customer service. (it takes about 30-40 minutes to have a technician available to help on the phone) 

I have talked to technical service twice. At one time, they had me change the channels on both routers and the problem seemed to go away for a while but it now started happening again. I have called them again and now they have advised me to see if the red light goes on the router when it cuts out and to make note of it. The technician said that she will call back in 10 days to find out if the red light goes on when it cuts out. They were not able to provide me any technical solutions as to what maybe the cause of the problem weather its verizon or the routers or my devices. 

There have been many times, I had to use my hotspot of my phone of T-Mobile internet just so I can continue enjoying the internet.   

I now realize that I am not the only one experiencing this after reading this forum. I'm sure the technicians at verizon are aware of this problem by now. It's obvious they don't seem to have any satisfying solutions for this otherwise they would have either told me what I'm doing wrong at my end or the issue would be fixed at their end to avoid having this many complaints. They may know what the problem is but its clear that they can't fix it.

I was much happier and my system was working much better with a lesser and a cheaper service. It will be time to switch if Verizon will not provide me a solution in 10 days. 

BTW: I am now connected to the internet using my T-Mobile hotspot when I'm writing this reply.

Re: Internet Connections Randomly Go Out

I switched to gigabit service from cable to fios but now I am extremely unhappy and frustrated. It not only cuts out at irregular intervals, I also never get the speed they claim to provide. Verizon technical service suggests that I should connect via ethernet cable. How am I gonna do that with ipad or my android while I'm watching a youtube video in bed. 

My phones mobile hotspot provides a faster service.