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Lacrosse Weather Station will not connect to Wifi

I have a Lacrosse Weather Station C83100 and it will not connect to my Gateway Router. It is only supported on 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi.  My Iphones are connected through the router on 2.4 Ghz so I know the router is working.  I know the weather staion is working because I took the device to my daughters house who also has a Gateway Router and it connects there. I need some advice please

Re: Lacrosse Weather Station will not connect to Wifi

I have no idea about your weather station. I am going to assume you have the ability to access the settings on it? If so I would try removing all the prior connections. Then manually search for your network SSID (name) then enter the password exactly.

you could access the Quantum router and change the SSID and password and then reconnect your devices. Just an idea.

Re: Lacrosse Weather Station will not connect to Wifi

Most LaCrosse Weather Stations have pretty awful wifi chips - and supporting 2GHz only is a real pain too since most wifi accesspoints/routers are configured with the same SSID on both the 2GHz and 5GHz radios.  

If you are using an app on the phone to join the weather station to wifi, the phone and the device have to be on 2GHz together, and the easiest way to do ensure that is either set up a dedicated SSID that is 2GHz only for your IoT things, or temporarily disable the 5GHz radio while you are joining the weather station to the wifi.  Once joined, you can turn the 5GHz back on.  Which is easier to do depends on what options you have with your Wifi access point.  Even then it can still be problematic - I'm having a heck of a time getting mine joined back with my Unifi AP and I think I'm going to have to enable a bunch of the really old/slow b/g/n stuff to at least get the thing joined again.

(yes this is an old post, but I landed here via search so other will too)