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Mysterious Guest Access & Gigabit Review

 My issue with this is you pay all this money every month and they make it seem like because the rates are faster than they were its something exclusive when in reality it's taking more power/speed to actually do the basic stuff we used to do years ago. Then you can't even really trust the service because in order for it to be worth it you have to get the triple play bundle, they don't offer elderly or disabled people pricing and if they do it's on some ridiculous 5mb/s speed you can literally do nothing with. 

Then they send people to install the product that you can't trust to install it correctly and top that all off their infastructure is not secure. 

I have been wondering why my speeds have been slow as crap and from the jump I have only been getting 700 mbs yet recently installing xbox games my installs were coming in ranging from 5mbs to 100mbs (they occassionally jumped to 400 for like two seconds then back down.) That's even less than Time Warner. With comperable customer service.

I thought maybe my neighbors were hacking my network so I hid the name and changed the network info from original info and changed the passwords. Then I go today to check my accounts and out of no where I now have a guest network with password disabled that I didn't even set up. So verizon employees must actually be messing with my account because the passwords I use are very unique and I don't use generators. There were studies done that say that 80% of employees will share a password or sensitive company information without getting paid to do that's always a possibility in my mind. It's also one that makes having any service annoying as hell.  Especially when I've had massive amounts of files mysteriously deleted from my computer recently. 

We pay municipal taxes with this service yet god forbid you try and get your local municipality to do anything. 

If you ask me it's getting to the point where it's not worth the money. Yet everything we do we end up needing internet. LIfe is livable without cable but the internet is a necessity. yet they keep this up no one will want to use it.

They already sell all your search history and cap your data but say they don't so what's next? Ah creating public access to private networks without permission...And we paid for this? I think NOT!

Re: Mysterious Guest Access & Gigabit Review

Too long to quote.

”what are you talking about”?

fios does not throttle and no matter what speeds you subscribe to it will/May never be at peak 100% of the time. No service is.

additionally this is a customer helping customer forum. So just ranting will be wasted.