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Need help setting up my Wireless

Since the phone operators have failed to connect my call within 45 minutes of calling tech support and online chat requires that I know my father's email (seriously, who makes a tech support where getting support is more frustrating than dealing with the actual problem?) I have decided to ask the forum to see if anyone can help me out.

My family got a wireless router for our verizon Fios internet about a week ago. My computer currently runs wirelessly off the router. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, after connecting to the wireless router my computer gets kicked off the internet for about 5-10 seconds every 5 minutes or so when the computer or the router resets the connection for whatever reason.

I have had a wireless router for this computer in the past and it has worked fine. My question is how can I fix the router so that it does not reset my connection every 5-10 minutes.

Re: Need help setting up my Wireless

A good start would probably be to find out why it's resetting.  Trying going into admin on the router and looking into the log to see what it says when it restarts.

Re: Need help setting up my Wireless

How do you assign your IP addresses? If some computers have static IP addresses and those are allocated for DHCP then one of the computers would be kicked out from your local network. Sometimes Windows gives you a worning that other devce uses the same IP address. But sometimes it does not.

Another question is: how do you know that you have been kicked out of net?