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No Fios service available
Verizon keeps sending us advertisments about Fios service. They make you long to have it. Then when you try to get it you find out it is not availabl in your area. I live 16 miles from the center of the city of Pittsburgh, Pa. We are on the end of the service cable from the Mc Donald, Pa. central office. There is no high speed service available, Fios or DSL. My neighbor who is on the end of the service cable from the Oakdale, Pa. central office has DSL service. I have talked to service reps. and was told nothing could be done. No one seems to know when any high speed will be available. I have 2 kids in college and all I ever hear is how slow our dial up internet service is. The only good thing about our service is you can take a nap in between pages loading. I hope someone can come up with a good idea on how to get fast internet service, (preferably from Verizon) in our area before my kids drive me nuts about it. Thanks in advance for your help.
Re: No Fios service available
Super User
Super User

If you can't get DSL OR even service from the local Cable Provider (Comcast?), and Verizon will not run service to you, you could consider asking the Neighbor to order a second DSL line and from there, use that second line to provide your home with access wirelessly from their location (or perhaps running a cable between the two location via conduit if permitted). Granted, you'll have to rely on the neighbor leaving the equipment powered up, but if they are trustworthy enough to do this and you two can agree on how to pay for the extra line, you should go for it. Much easier than dealing with Verizon.