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ONT Ethernet Port

Verizon ONT - I want to use the Ethernet port on my Verizon ONT.  #1 - Verizon put some type of sticky stuff in the ethernet port on the ONT. I read this is an anti-corrosive to protect it. It was unbelieveably difficult to clean it out. I resorted to a dental tool and finally got most of it out. Cotton swab and toothpick were futile. The cotton swap left cotton in the plug which I had to clean out. OK ... so now I have the port cleaned out and now problem #2. I have a NetGear N300 WiFi Router. I want to attach two Cat 5e cables to the router, one to the TV and the other to my PC. There is a second Verizon Wireless router on the 3rd Floor but it doesn't cover well to the first or second floor. I put an extender on the 2nd Floor and that seems to be ok for Web surfing and email but still gives me problems with the TV through Amazon Fire on the 1st floor. Anyone have experience with configuring the second wireless router in this configuration ?

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Re: ONT Ethernet Port

So there's no need to clean out the gel inside of the Ethernet port. That is silicone, and is used as you've discovered, for preventing corrosion to the jack. All you have to do to use the port is insert the cable - the Silicon won't interfere with the connection.

Are you trying to switch your primary router to the Ethernet? The port on the ONT doesn't connect back to your home network. Instead, it is another option for obtaining your Internet/WAN connection. You'd still need cables going between floors connecting up to the other routers. Perhaps a MoCa adapter and splitting the Coax signal off of your ONT will help connect your Netgear up?