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Pc external monitor cable with HDMI to TV view PC netflix movies,youtube videos and more?

Hello, I have FIOS triple play and would like to know if the above cable with above PC external monitor jack for laptop and other end of cable be HDMI jack for TV. Will this allow PC viewing of nextflix movies be viewed onto TV along with other viewing transmitted over to TV screen say youtube videos and of course aside from the viewing audio will be transmitted to? Any additional info settings need to do to view what being watched on wi -fi pc laptop and using above connectors from pc to tv flat screen will work.

Also Like to know since have Fios triple play and modem/wi-fi setup  What other ways are there to view pc netflix movies and youtube and more etc via wi-fi wirelessly to tv flat screen, what equiptment needed to be able to watch moives etc from pc to flat screen tv?

Also I would like to know other

Re: Pc external monitor cable with HDMI to TV view PC netflix movies,youtube videos and more?

To View Netflix, you need to either have a Netflix capable system (blu-ray, game console, some tv's, or PC) . I assume that you already know that part.

To view PC on TV. The only way to do this, is to connect the computer to the tv physically (at least I dont know of any wireless systems that will do this)

This connection depends on what kind of computer/tv combination you have. For example, my laptop has an HDMI output on it. So it was just a matter of running an HDMI cable from the laptop to the TV and anything that would normally be displayed on my monitor is transferred to the tv. Easy peasy.

Another depends on the tv itself. Some TV's have a VGA connector on it. If thats the case, then you connect your tv to the computer exactly as if it is a monitor. Or on the flip side if both your tv and computer have DVI connections available, you just run the dvi connection between the two.

If your tv or computer do not have compatible connectors, and it is a desktop computer, then you can always purchase a new video card that has an output that your tv will recognize.

These are the only ways that I know of. They all require a physical connection between the TV and computer, but they allow for anything that would be displayed on the computer to be displayed on the tv screen.

Now Verizon does have the media manager program that will link the computer to the TV through the Verizon system that will allow for limited computer to tv connection, but it will not do you any good for netflix or other VOD sites (hulu and Amazon for example) and is a little problematic for youtube.

For full functionality, direct connection is really the only way to go.