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Problems with HSI

I am a new customer with Verizon.......When I had signed up, I had to call Verizon to increase my internet speed. I was only receiving 0.5 to 1MBPS (better off with Dial-up on a 56k modem)......Now I am up to 3.5 to 7.0 MBPS which is a lie because I'm not even hitting 300KBPS for an Avast Download......I just signed up last week and I have had my internet connection drop a few times already.....Very UNSTABLE - PATCHY - AND UNRELIABLE......It's sad to think that Verizon's Internet services arent even strong enough to keep up with my XBox 360 gaming console......

Verizon....what is the LARGEST connection rate you provide to consumers for Residential in the Albany NY area because this 3.5 to 7MBPS is not cutting it.......I hope I get a decent response because this is a bunch of **bleep** and I am seriously thinking to switching to Time Warner.....They can offer me 10MBPS without a speed increase (which can be increased)....I'm paying almost $80 per month for a **bleep**ty internet service right now and I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT AT ALL!

Re: Problems with HSI

How are you paying $80 for DSL? Do you have extra items bundled onto the line or is this a Small Business line? Residential shouldn't be near that expensive unless you're paying month to month and are on a dry loop (no phone service). For Albany, NY, parts of Albany have FiOS so what you're asking for is provisioned at 155Mbps/75Mbps if you buy their most expensive FiOS package for residential service. With that being said, if you're paying $80 for DSL and FiOS is available, I'd rather jump on the cheapest FiOS package which will cost less but be a lot better than anything DSL or Cable can achieve. The DSL speeds however are determined by the obvious factors such as distance and line condition, as well as some not so obvious factors such as what equipment you're coming out of. The highest DSL speed offered to me, even though my line will do 5Mbps is the 3Mbps service for an additional $15 a month since I am coming out of older, un-upgraded remote DSLAM equipment. If I were coming right out of my central office, if the CO itself is upgraded I would be achieving higher speeds. I'm with the 1Mbps package even though it doesn't suit my bandwidth needs simply because bumping myself from 1Mbps to the 1.1Mbps-15Mbps package doesn't give me a lot of motivation. I'd jump on it if I could get more than 3Mbps, but that package is no longer $30 so I don't see it as being worth it in my area. I can get Cable here, but with Time Warner talking about data usage limits again I'm hesistant to move over. No point getting a higher speed line for me to blow through a cap in a few days.

Since you have mentioned disconnects, that would be a sign of line trouble which we can at least troubleshoot through these forums. Tell us what modem you have so that we can help you obtain the Transceiver Statistics if you don't know how to obtain them. If you do, please provide them in a post for us to see.