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QoS or port forwarding on router for IP phone?

I have a MI424WR-GEN2 router, and an ESI IP phone like this one:

I have the phone set up in my home office (in DE) that links back to the main office (in VA), and am having a lot of stuttering and skipping in the audio on my end-- but calls sound fine to people on the other end. My FiOS connection is a stable 25/25, according to SpeedTest.

A bit of research shows that the remedy is likely enabling either QoS or port forwarding, but I can't seem to find a straight answer about which it is, how to do it, or what settings to use. Can anyone help me get this squared away?



Re: QoS or port forwarding on router for IP phone?

If the phone is working, port forwarding isn;t going to change anything.

QOS settings will definately improve sound quality.

Unfortunately, QOS settings in the Actiontec are not intuitive.

You will need to go to the Advanced page.

Select QOS.

QOS Input rules are not too helpful.  Once the packet gets to the router, it should deliver it without need for a QOS rule.

QOS output rules are where you want to focus.

Under Output Rules, All Devices, click ADD

Leave source and dsestination addresses as ANY.

For Protocol, select specify protocol, then Add.

On the Edit Service screen, enter a name "VOIP Phone"

Select Add Server Ports.

Select TCP if your phone uses TCP.

Select Source Ports, Single.  Enter 5060 or the port used by your phone.

Repeat for Destination Ports.  Apply.

Repeat for UDP if your phone uses UDP.

Repeat for any additional ports your phone uses.

Click Apply on the Edit Service screen.

For DSCP, select specify. 34