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Remote Administration from Turkey?

Normally I would not be that concerned. This IP originates from Turkey though and to top it off I just changed my password about a week ago. According to this log, someone from Turkey succesfully connected to my router.  Well it does say ICMP which is ping or for the ones that don't know it's Internet Control Message Protocol but it also says Remote Administration which I find a bit whacky. I guess my main question is, why can't verizon block this stuff from their network alltogether?Why does the customer have to even see this stuff? Does anyone know anybody from Turkey, China or the Russian Federation?

IP Address assigned to: TURKEY

IP Address: is located within the following Network:

Network Range: -
Total addresses: 65,536

Jul 18 05:03:31 2013Inbound TrafficAccepted Traffic - Remote administrationICMP type 8 code 0> on eth1
Re: Remote Administration from Turkey?

An ICMP type 8 packet is simply an echo, or ping.  The term remote administration is a misnomer and does not indicate a logon to your router.

Ping is a valid troubleshooting tool, but having it enabled can disclose the presence of a router at your IP address.

You can disable your router responding to pings

- Click on the Advanced icon.

- Select Remote Administration

- Uncheck the box next to Allow ICMP echo request

- Apply