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Rural Internet

I have been a life long Verizon landline user with Verizon DSL and also have 4 cell phones with Verizon. Fios has never been available to me. Cable also has never been a option. I have always struggled with internet slow speeds. The best I have ever had is 1.5 mbps but usually it is under 1. I have searched for other options, satellite etc. I know that Verizon offers Hot Spots with limited data that would cost me a fortune. I have found another option with another company that is operating off of a competiors tower for 4GLTE data with unlimited data with speeds averaging 22mbps. Come on Verizon you need to take better care of your long time customers. Offer your long term customers data options on your 4GLTE plans that are home friendly and are affordable.

Re: Rural Internet

Verizon just recently announced an unlimited data (I am sure that is in quotes) hotspot for those who wish to use 4G LTE. There's some details on this I'm sure over at the Verizon Wireless forums or site. But at this point Verizon isn't doing anything more with DSL in terms of upgrades or speed bumps. They've tapped out.

Re: Rural Internet

I just inquired about the smarthub from Verizion. I have 4 cell phones with them would have to add a line for the SmartHub and with unlimited data you could get throttled after you get to 22GB of data on your plan. The SmartHub is considered a hotspot so the data for that would switch to 3G after 10MB. Not very good deal.

Jessica: What that means is, our heaviest data users (22 + GB of data) may experience a temporary slow in their speeds when our network is at its most busy. Once the heavy user is no longer connected to an overcrowded tower, their speeds will return to their normal Verizon 4G LTE.
You: So is the smarthub considered mobile hotspot
Jessica: Yes
You: 10GB is not much for SmartHub home usuage. I don't think this is for me
Jessica: You will have 10Gb of high speed 4g data and once over the 10gb of high speed the data would somethings drop to 3g speed