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Slow DSL speeds in the evening in Brooklyn, NY

I'm on 7Mbps-15 Mbps plan and ever since I started my plan in October 2012 I have noticed my speeds are less than 1 Mbps in the evening (when I'm using the internet a MAJORITY of the time). It is horrible.

Can anyone help me?

I don't see why I should be paying for this service when I'm not getting the speeds I was promised. Is Optimum cable better? I would pay for FIOS if they offered it in my area but there is currently no option for that. If this doesn't get resolved soon I'm considering moving over to another service.

Re: Slow DSL speeds in the evening in Brooklyn, NY
Super User
Super User
You should ask Verizon to take a look at the gear on their end of things for any possible sign of congestion or problem. In New York it seems to be pretty common for edge routers or DSLAMs to become overloaded and capacity is not increased accordingly. When you ask them what the deal is, don't let them turn the speed down and do not let them feed you any other nonsense about it being the PC, the modem, or DSL doesn't slow down. This problem is too common. If you have any problems, let me know. I can get you to someone who should be able to fix this problem.