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Slow Speeds, Poor Service (Yes.. this is a rant)

As per the title: 

I've had about enough of Verizon, and it's trash line quality and equally as terrible technical support.

9 months ago, my wife and I ordered a dry-loop DSL installation. We spent roughly 2-3 weeks awaiting a technician, to make the installation (which included a home installation for a splitter on a walljack), and throughout those 2-3 weeks, the technician insisted he was at our home, and no one was here. Thing is, we have 3 dogs, who go nuts when anyone approaches our driveway, let alone comes to our front door. The technician who was dispatched, was full of it; simple as that.

We ended up canceling our order, and per the recommendation of a customer support rep (via phone), we placed a NEW order, for home phone + DSL installation (according to the rep, dry loop was "difficult".. lol.. really!?), and the rep "promised" we'd have a different technician dispatched and the previous one would be "reported" to a supervisor.

Much to our surprise, the new technician actually arrived a week later, on time, and completed the installation in a timely manner (and was as polite as could be). During the installation, he informed my wife and I, that the rep who claimed the dry loop installation was "difficult", was being dishonest; which we already knew, but it showed that the guy had some integrity, and was at the least, honest.

About 2 months later, we couldn't tolerate the slow speeds any longer. Our package guranteed at LEAST a 1Mb connection, with speeds up to 3Mb (which is the package we ordered), but we consistently received less than 500Kbps, often times less than 200, or even 100. Once again, we had to request a technician, but this time, for a "home run" installation (which eliminates all wiring between our modem/router and the telephone pole). Thankfully, we received the same technician who performed the installation 2 months prior, and during the installation, I asked what HIS opinion was of the issue. He claimed it was just the lines, and that the "hub" at the end of our street, needed an upgrade to support our connection. 

It has been SEVEN months, and Verizon has yet to address the obvious TRASH line quality, that I've invested $80+ into a month, and never received anything over 1Mb. Which brings me to:

Verizon's Copy/Paste Speciailists (aka "Technical Support")

My last conversation with a tech support agent, has thoroughly convinced me that Verzion is incapable of caring about their customers. The blind stupidity of this agent was befuddling! I mean, the guy actually told me to reboot my router while I was chatting with him ONLINE! 

Quite frankly, if Verzion would stop using third-world call centers who hire people with a lack of comprehension in the English language, maybe customers would receive better support. I've had my fill of speaking to insensate, uneducated dimwits who Copy > Paste all of their pregenerated responses, that never result in a resolution. 

Simply put, Verizon is by far, thee worst ISP in central Pennsylvania, and they'd do well by the decent, average, hard-working citizen to simply pull out of the area and allow more legitimate companies to get a foothold here. It's pathetic, that I've gotten to the point that I literally go out of my way, to encourage friends and family to avoid Verizon's services, at any cost. I've actually footed an installation fee for a friend who had to pay a fee to have service extended to his area, by another ISP. 

The general synopsis of this wall of text, is that for 9 months, I've endured outrageous prices, for speeds worse than dial-up, all the while tolerating foreign technical support that left me in a blind rage after each encounter. If it weren't for the several obligations I have, that require me to maintain internet service, I'd have canceled my account with Verizon MONTHS ago, and purchased service elsewhere. But unfortunately, the money-grubbing company that is Verizon, has a monopoly in my county, and a belligerent chokehold on their customers. I absolutely despise Verizon, and wouldn't mind seeing them file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Ever wonder where the money in our economy has gone? Check Verizon's finances - they rob their customers blind.

Re: Slow Speeds, Poor Service (Yes.. this is a rant)

@OrbitStorm wrote:

As per the title: 


Send me a PM. I'd like to get to the bottom of this without going through the nonsense tech support puts you through. If you're supposed to be at 1Mbps, I'm going to get you to 1Mbps. I'm on a 1Mbps line and it's unacceptable for my line to fall below that. When it does, I've got contacts who fix it on the spot, no questions asked. I understand if 15Mbps is a problem to maintain on a legacy network, but not 1Mbps, a bread and butter tier on a bread and butter network.

Oh, did I say I got Verizon to fix a congestion issue for a small town nearby me just recently? Had several people ask me about it. All coming off of common equipment, spoke to a few people, took 20 minutes, and those lines are behaving unusually well from what I've heard so far. Still some work to do but I've been working on making sure it gets fixed.