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They want me to do all the work, and this is all because of their poor work

They put my router in the basement!  I said bad idea but they assured me it would be fine.  It was, for a month, then I could no longer stream my baseball games on  I made a call and after talking to someone for 15 minutes, I was told to call another number to speak to billing about whether or not I would have to pay to get the router put in a better place.  I called the new number and after 10 minutes with that guy, I was given ANOTHER number to call.  Why am I making all the calls?  It is their error.  THEY should be doing all the work to fix it and I should not have to pay anything.  He said I would have to go out of pocket for a new router!  Who decided my router was broken?  Ridiculous.  I am going to cancel my service because these people don't care about taking care of their customers.

Re: They want me to do all the work, and this is all because of their poor work

you're probably right, that does sound like a real bad place to put a wireless router.   if you're router is in poor placement for your location, then you may want to physically move it.   The router gets internet from the COAX cable, so that means you can move it to any room that has a working TV outlet.   you just need a 1-5000mhz splitter and a coax cable to move it and hook it up.  

It might be worth it just to move it, or see this post here, it has some images with good router placement ideas, and also there are a couple settings in your router that might fix everything without you having to move it.

Re: They want me to do all the work, and this is all because of their poor work

Overall basements tend to be a horrible place to put any sort of Wireless router. The environment and the way the signal has to travel just makes things horrid. I've seen some rather good router placements in basements up in the ceiling for the upstairs floor supports that actually provide really good speed to entire homes as well as coverage, but those are not common at all. Basements are just fine, however for anything that uses cable so a Wired router would work just fine down there with an AP upstairs.

That's not the point. Follow the above post. You can move the router within 10-15 minutes if you have some extra Coax available running to a more suitable location. Just be sure the coax you're moving the router to is in good shape. Any recent RG6 cable should be fine, but if your home has older RG59 cabling it may cause issues with the MoCa signal which will deteriorate the quality of service for both TV and Internet. Beats waiting and fighting for a tech to show up if you've already got it in place.