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I just converted to FIOS from the standard Verizon internet. I found out that my upload is 1.3 in stead of 25. Before Verizon I had Comcast and I had a higher number than1.3. My upload improved when I converted to Verizon standard internet. The problem started with FIOS. The technicians told me that it was because of my 2 year old computer running Window 7 is not capable of using the higher upload speed and I have to contact my computer's manufacturer. That's odd because there's nothing wrong with my internet connection before. If FIOS has a problem with existing computer because of their speed as alleged by the technician, it should have been made public. I will not have upgraded my Internet service. Do you have the same problem and how did you resolve it. Alternatively, is the allegation by the Verizon technician correct. Thanks,
Re: Upload
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Super User

What is your currently rated speed? Have you given the router a factory reset as you just had an installation done? What sort of result do you get from ?

Make sure you are testing from a Wired connection. Wireless can be iffy, and the ActionTec routers don't always pick the best channel for use in your area. I'm working on a computer for someone right now who is on FiOS, and I had to change their Wireless channel due to poor performance. The entire neighborhood has FiOS and most of the routers were on channel 6 😞

Re: Upload

Yes I forgot to throw in the wireless issues.Smiley Indifferent

That does not sound correct to me. I have had a XP machines running faster than that, along with many others I am sure. I have had FiOS since Internet since Sept. 2005, before we had TV available. Those statements do not sound correct.

1. Are you in a single family home, or multi dwelling unit such as an appartment?

2. Do you have fiber run directly to your residence? What equipment was installed?

3. Did you run a speed test here?

4. Have you run the optimizer software on your computer?

5. To run the optimizer, you must right click on yor Internet Explorer and select Run as administrator before you run the optimizer..

If you are still not getting your subscribed speeds, contact Verizon Tech Support. Via online chat or the phone.