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VPN issues.

I support users at a large corporation and have a user with VPN issues. The user was working fine up until a few months ago (MS Surface with Win10 & Cisco AC Version 4.8) when it stopped working (user started having VPN Cert issues). After much work (renew Cert etc, replaced device because of Covid restrictions) he was still having issues. He was put on a list to get a new HP Laptop (Win10 with Cisco AC 4.9). He came to the building to log on for the first time and was able to do so on the network. I also have a external Verizon DSL line I use to test devices and was able to get him connected to the line (WiFi as well as a cable) and the VPN came up connected and the user was able to access everything on our network (Outlook, Internal sites etc). However, when he went home after connecting to his home network it failed (similar issues as before). He then called Verizon and they said because his equipment was so old, he needed to be upgraded. They came and upgraded his TV boxes as well as router (G3100) but the issue persists.  So he contacted Verizon, they did their cursory troubleshooting and said it was his issue. At this point I took home my laptop (Exact same image) and was able to connect with no issues to the G3100 in my house. The next day I had him come back to the site and again I was able to get him on the DSL and my phone with no VPN issues whatsoever. He went home and the same thing was happening (sometimes he gets an error that says, "Unable to contact" whatever location he is trying (he tries multiple ones) or just a generic "Connection has failed". I realize some of the details might be a little bit vague, it seems to me the fact that he is able to connect to my phone and also the DSL line on site that it is something with his home connection. He escalated the issue at Verizon, I was hoping that they would be able to resolve it but that was not the case. He was able to get them to replace the router, but he hasn't received it yet. I can get more specific info if needed. I also reached out to our IT Engineering Dept and they agree with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: VPN issues.
Super User
Super User

Welcome to the forums.  You're talking with other users here.  You may get some suggestions, but if you want high level IT help, you'll need to find another channel.

In my experience, FiOS doesn't block of filter any traffic (except port 25.)  These issues often turn out to be a very specific setting in a corporation's VPN deployment.  It is very unlikely the router is a fault nor will the replacement router make any difference.

I would hope your organization could be able to determine why the VPN client is generating the error messages.  Understanding the details behind the error messages will likely lead you to a solution.

Re: VPN issues.

I can do my best to help with the VPN.

What equipment is your company using to host the VPN SSL?

Is it Cisco ASA, ISR, or RV 340/345+?

Do you have access to Cisco router's log?

This sounds like Cisco support instead of Verizon. I agree with gs0b. Maybe you can open a TAC ticket at Cisco if your company is still subscribed to the technical support. One of the tech there will video in to check the issue. I am just curious here to see the solution, if any, for this type of problem.

You are free to provide any more information here.