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Verizon Hidden fees - users Beware!! Embezzlement

Let me begin with how all of this started. We purchased a new house and decided we would subscribe for Verizon’s gigabit internet. I booked an appointment for installation on Feb 5, 2018 from 2 pm to 3 pm. I receive a call around 8:45 am in the morning from the technician enquiring if he can come and install it. I tell him I am not available as it is outside the appointment window I requested. So I ask a friend to open the doors for him so he can work. He installs the WiFi router in the third floor south corner of the house. There is no signal whatsoever in the floors below the third floor. Here starts my poor experience. I try contacting customer service within the 7 day period I am unable to connect to a single agent. I did not know about the call back option back then. Then on 10 th day after the installation I manage to talk to customer service agents. I explain the situation to 2 agents, one of them initially said there will be a fee if a technician appointment is booked. I disagreed with her and refused to pay any extra fees as the initial installation was wrong. She and a person from tech support ask me to check if there is a jack and a coax attached to the router. I told them I will check and call back the next day. I place a call next day confirming that it has a jack and coax. This time it was another woman who said the charge would be 150$ to move the router from 1 floor to another. I refused the service as she was not ready to listen to any of the issues I mentioned. A technician shows up next week asking if there are any problems and I tell him I don’t have any signal in my lower floors and he offers to move it to the main floor. I show him where the jack is. He goes around the ont and see that there is another socket which is closed but has a connection to the box. He opens the socket and connects the coax and Ethernet jack. problems solved, so I thought. In none of my interactions with Verizon did they tell me they were going to charge 70 $ for this appointment. I didn’t receive a quote, call message or email confirming the amount whatsoever. This month they detect 70 $ off my credit card for jack installation. I bring so naive try to use their online chat support. The agent says he ll not be able to assist and asks me to call customer service. I call them, wait for 20 mins. At the end of the call, the customer service agents starts an interrogation in the lines of , if you were overseeing the initial installation none of this would have happened and quotes that it is my fault that I m in this situation. In a way he is right. I should not have opted for Verizon.
What I need to know from this forum is how do I escalate this? How can Verizon charge me with no prior notice? And I want all the transcripts of the calls I made to customer service E

Re: Verizon Hidden fees - users Beware!! Embezzlement
Community Manager
Community Manager

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.