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Wasted so much time and money with Verizon DSL and got nothing

My experiences with Verizon DSL is very bad. Need to complain to higher management. Would like to know how to reach. Anybody can help?

About 2 years ago, we ordered DSL with a number of phone lines. The telephone lines were connected very soon, but the DSL never worked. We cancelled the DSL after Verizon charged me 3 month DSL fees. Never got the money back.

In Nov 2009, I checked the DSL availability online. It shows DSL is available. Thus, I ordered it again. A few days later, the telephone line for DSL was broken. Made so many calls to talk to Verizon DSL and Verizon telephone people to get it fixed. At one point, Verizon DSL people told me that because telephone line doesn't work, DSL guy cannot do anything; on the other hand, Verizon telephone peple told me that DSL has an open order on the phone line, they cannot repair it. At last, the phone line was fixed. But Verizon cancelled the DSL order and didn't inform me. Called them to ask the status. They told me, they cannot install the DSL because they don't have enough ports. Verizon people also told me that I can check availablility online and order again if it shows available.

In Dec 2009, I checked the availability online again. It shows it's available for my telephone number. I suspected it. Chatted online with Verizon people about this. The Verizon guy told me it's available for sure. I asked him at least 3 time and got the positive answer each time. I told him the story of my last order and asked him to contact the technician to make sure it's really availble to save time and money. He told me that it's not needed, web shows available means available. Fooled by him, I ordered DSL again.

A few days later, online status shows the Modem was mailed to me, but returned to them, because of incorrect address. However, a Verizon tech visited the office without the problem of the address. It means that it's Verizon who messed up the mailing address. The Verizon tech told me that he couldn't install DSL blah blah.

Verizon DSL has a deep management problem.

Re: Wasted so much time and money with Verizon DSL and got nothing

But the problem is, how do you know the company you switch to doesn't have even worse management problems?

I currently use Ubuntu 9.04 on a Dell Inspiron 1545, which is far far better and faster than any Windows OS I have used, and verizon says they recommend using Windows 7.0.

OK, so I went off on a tangent.

What I'm trying to say is, I totally sympathize with you. We can only use their forums to rely on each other.

Have you filed a BBB complaint? I've never done this before, and I'd be curious as to how something like this gets resolved.

Re: Wasted so much time and money with Verizon DSL and got nothing

I don't understand why Verizon either can't find competant tech support, or constrains the few competant people they do have in tech support.

Tech support has no power to get anything done.

They can only "run a check" on the line (which proves nothing when the problem is intermittant service).

Even when they do find problems on the line, they can't get someone from service to go fix it.

Calling DSL tech support has become an exercise in futility.

Re: Wasted so much time and money with Verizon DSL and got nothing

I had a money problem with Verizon in October when they charged me for services I never ordered. I filed an on-line complaint with the FCC. WIthin 3 weeks, the problem was fixed, received a call from Verizon, and a written apology. I suggest you try that route. If they promsied service that you never received, file an FCC complaint. Also file a complaint with your state's office of consumer protection. I have done that here in WV with great success.

My own experience with DSL has been very positive. Verizon upgraded the wiring in my semi-remote area in August 2009, and I signed up for 1Mbps DSL at that time. Other than this past week when the snow storm interfered with some of the field mounted equipment, we have had very good connectivity (1 Mbps down, 375 Kbps up). Occasionally my DSL modem loses sync, but I just turn if off for a few seconds, then turn it back on.

Now as to Verizon technical support - generally I have not had good luck. When I have a problem or a question, I use the on-line chat service. Some of the technical advice I have received has been incorrect. So when the tech folks tell me something, I then research the item for corrobarating evidence before I implement what they tell me.