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Westell 7500 and second wireless router

Of course after talking to my friends, was told that I could use a second wireless router as a gaming device.  Now that I purchased a Linksys WRT120N to connect my Blue Ray, my DirecTV recorder and my Samsung TV.......I can't get anything talking to the Linksys router.  Does anyone know how to set the 2 routers up so they talk to each other??  I've followed all of the online docs that I've found about generic routers, but nothing specific to the Westell 7500 (Verizon) and my Linksys.  HELP!!

Re: Westell 7500 and second wireless router
Super User
Super User

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These instructions apply to the Westell 2200, 6100, 6100F, 327W, and 7500 models.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Re: Westell 7500 and second wireless router

Are you trying to set something like this up Wirelessly? The second router would need to support WDS, or Wireless Distribution System in order to accomplish this and must also support Wireless Bridge through the WDS setup. Due to the fact that WDS is not something that is a part of the 802.11g specification, it's generally tough to find in consumer routers. In the case of the Linksys you have, it does not support WDS. 3rd Party firmware would generally support this, though it seems the WRT120n isn't supported by the major 3rd parties such as DD-WRT or Tomato.

What can be done however to at least turn the Linksys into a switch/Wireless Access Point, is to use MoCa networking or more ideally, Ethernet networking to the Linksys from the Westell. This is something simple to set up but obviously requires a little bit of work to achieve.