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Which modem for both Fios and Qwest?

I do not yet have Fios in my area, so I am forced to use Qwest for now (switching from Comcast). I would like to purchase a modem that will work for both Qwest and Fios, if that is possible, so I can switch to Fios when it's available. I already have a gigbit router, so I am looking at a modem-only solution, modem with wireless, or modem/wireless/gigabit ethernet all in one. I actually prefer an all in one, but Motorola doesn't make a DSL router with gigabit ethernet yet. What are the recommended options that work on both Fios and Qwest?

Message Edited by madmartian on 06-03-2009 12:06 PM
Re: Which modem for both Fios and Qwest?

Verizon provides a wireless LAN router free of charge to you.  Many folks that migrate from Cable service generally have a coax connection that the cable company uses to connect the modem.  Verizon will use the same coax to make a connection from the router to the ONT box which in turn connects to the Internet.  If you want/need an Ethernet hand off you need to tell Verizon that you want an Ethernet hand off instead of the Coax connection.  In that case you can use any brand of router.  If you plan to get the Verizon TV service you must use the router that is provided since the TV's need Internet to get program guide, VOD, etc. and that is provided via the Coax connection. Verizon does not use a modem.  They use a router.