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Why won't Verizon try or even acknowledge our plea to get DSL??

 Myself and others in my community have been fighting with Verizon for years now trying to get DSL. If you drive 3 miles down the road people have DSL. We have satellite and I can't even express to you how slow and expensive it is. Try watching a movie on netflix and it not play. Try playing a game on facebook and it not even load. Look at pictures on the internet and it won't even load a whole picture. It's pretty much the speed of dial up with a 15gb allowance a month that you pay 90.00 for each month to be disappointed over and over. Everyone on here is complaining they want these upgrades and whatever else and all we want is to have a decent internet. None of us would care if we had to pay more than what other people had to because we want it so badly. We have called other internet providers in the area and nobody can do anything because this is Verizon territory. It is Verizon territory and Verizon refuses to acknowledge or even try to extend it out here. I'm willing to do whatever it takes for Verizon to come out here and get us service. If they are going to own the area then it's their duty to provide us with the service we deserve. It's 2014. You have companies trying to get wifi on airplanes. Why can't we get it 3 miles away???? I will not give up on this. I will continue to contact Verizon every single day until they do something. I will do a petition if I have to. I will do whatever it takes. If I have to get everyone in my community to do the same I will. This has to end and Verizon needs to step up!!!!

Re: Why won't Verizon try or even acknowledge our plea to get DSL??
Super User
Super User

If you were in Verizon's shoes, what would do you think it would take to decide install a new service in a given area?  Remember, they have shareholders to answer to when making such decisions.

If you can answer this question in a way that makes financial and regulatory sense to Verizon, you may be able to get what you want.

Good Luck.