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i have recently been getting emails deleted on more than one email accounts.  i also have suddenly been blocked from accessing web pages that i accessed less than a week ago.  i wondered if i can get a log of any ip address that has accessed my wifi in the last week?

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IP addresses wouldn't do you much good, since they're assigned by your router. You can check your router for a list of devices that recently accessed your wifi network by logging into - username should be "admin" and your password should be the serial number on your router.

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How do you know they are being deleted and are they being deleted from a mail program (such as outloook express)  or a web mail program used such as Internet Explorer.

When you mention that you are being blocked from web sites, what error message are you getting?

Sounds like you may be having a computer problem with a virus or malware.  Have you run a virus scan and other associated programs to see if there is something on your pc?