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Anyone have trouble getting verizon to port a number?

We are going on a month now trying to get verizon to port a number from cox cable.

When called they said they have it all under control and will be done by a certain date.  When that date arrives we get the same email..

"Thank you for recently placing an order with Verizon. Unfortunately, we need additional information to process your order. To avoid any service delays, please contact Verizon as soon as possible and reference order #"

I don't understand what advantage it is to them to give customers the runaround and tick them off.  What are they trying to accomplish?

And one other odd thing, everytime we ask them what the status of the "number port" is, they reply, oh you mean the "winback".  What the blue blazes is a "winback"?   And they want to argue with us that it is not called a port and is instead called winback.    Funny,  every other phone vendor calls it a "port".    go figure!

The winback certainly isn't living up to it name.   They are about to win me right over to time warner.   

I'm sure TWC will be just a dumb, but they are a lot cheaper.

Verizon, Wake up!   You have one more chance to get this right before I file the complaint with the FCC.

Here's the link for anyone else in the same boat.

Re: Anyone have trouble getting verizon to port a number?
Super User
Super User

Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to other customers here.  If you want to get a message to Verizon you need to call or chat with them.

I recently help a family member port a number out of Verizon to a VoIP provider (a "loose away," perhaps?).  Verizon was horrendous to deal with refusing to release a never agreed to port freeze even after many orders were placed and promises made.  An FCC complaint is what finally sped things along.  I wouldn't wait to file one.

Good Luck.