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Calls made through MCI (unauthorized)

My latest bill showed 3 calls made just outside our local area that were put through using MCI, and totalling close to $20. We have not authorized MCI for long distance, and would certainly not have approved these charges had we known they were about to be billed.

Anyone else have this problem?

We're planning to challenge the charges, and do not intend to pay for what we did not agree to.

Re: Calls made through MCI (unauthorized)

Wondering if you have contacted MCI, and Verizon, and if so what they had to say.

I had a problem a few years ago with an online directory assistance website alleging that I approved them to charge me $20 a month for their service.  They were very belligerent and insisted that I had approved it and that I would pay.  When I asked for their proof that I had approved it, they sent me a copy of an online form which had an email address that was dead for over 5 years as the proof.  Verizon removed the charge from my bill, but a couple months later the company sent me a letter saying they were going to send a request to a collection agency to get the money.  I called them and told them I never approved it, and their proof was not legitimate; but they still vowed to take action and hung up.  Never heard again from them or anyone else about this.

BTW, the name of the online directory was

This action is called "cramming", which means it is a service that was added to your existing service by another company without your consent.  It looks like this is what happened here, as opposed to "slamming", which is the change of your service to another company without your consent.

Re: Calls made through MCI (unauthorized)

If you have charges from MCI on your bill, that would be Verizon. Verizon purchased MCI in 2006 but they may still remain as a separate entity.

Your bill should have a number to call for the 3rd party and long distance charges. Give that number a call and talk to them about the charges. If you simply talk to the company doing the "Cramming" most will give full refunds. Once done, give Verizon a call and ask to have 3rd party charges blocked (They should be by default now) AND ask about Long Distance blocking too to see if they will disable it; though most phone packages require a long distance carrier.