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Customer Non-Support

Your customer support is at best frustrating {please keep it relevant} 

I have a verizon land line for home use. After storms this morning, I have no dial tone. I have switched phones and there is no dialtone anywhere. I followed your instructions to troubleshoot the network interface box. Nothing conclusive, no dialtone.

I log into my verizon account and walk through all the steps of creating a trouble ticket, only to have your website announce that it couldn't help me at this time.

So I go to the phone book and find your published 800 number to call and report the trouble using my cell phone. The first attempt at your pathetic voice recognition system landed me in some rude call center flunkie's queue for servicing the Baltimore MD area. She acted like I had done something wrong and told me to start over in your voice prompt hell after she transfers me.

Then I was disconnected.

After a second attempt of 20 minutes of your terrible voice recognition system that doesn't work, I was finally able to create a trouble ticket. The system performed a test and announced to me that the trouble appeared to be on Verizon's network. You think?

After a waste of 75 minutes total in trying to create a trouble ticket for a problem on Verizon's end, I'd say that the trouble is far more than just the Verizon network.

VOIP on high speed internet is a real land line crusher. The only reason we even keep a land line is for 911 service as we have infants and cell service is intermittent due to our geography.

Your customer service is anything but service.

Message Edited by ElizabethS on 07-25-2009 03:11 PM
Re: Customer Non-Support

Boy, this sounds familiar.  Fill in the online form and then, at last step, get told it can't be processed. Then, phone the listed number for PA, stay on hold 10 min, get told - by the NJ rep - of a different number not listed online, stay on hold about 7 min for the real PA number, go through entire process but am offered 1 11-hour tech call window with no chance to ask for the tech to call when he knows what time he might appear.  then, wait on hold another 10 min to get a real human so I can request the tech to call with a closer time. 

This is, of course, the second problem on this line.  The last repair was made about 6/23 after being reported 6/20 (we were on vacation but called our answering machine to check on progress).  This repair, if it is made, will be 6/29 after being reported 6/25.  I assume I get to pay for the days of no service just as I do for the days when the line works, right?

I never thought I would say this, but even Comcast looks better, especially now that Verizon has pretty much promised that it will be more than 3 years before my neighborhood gets FIOS (and it is clear that they will not maintain the totally decomposed wiring to my house in the interim).

Re: Customer Non-Support
Verizon landline has no customer service. I came back from 5 months away to no dial tone. It took them 10 days to fix what was 1 bad wire. The tech only had to swap a pair in a service box. It tok 2 techs 2 trips to figure it out. Verizon wouldn't send a tech for 7 days, then it took 3 days to fix. I talked to more computer voices than  live people. {please keep it relevant}  I finally called the PSC who actually got things moving. They told me they had an ever increasing amount of complaints against Verizon. If I could switch to Comcast I would. And these idiots want to get into the cable/Fios business. Good luck. The sad thing is that it seems the once good customer service on the wireless side appears to be going downhil as well.
Message Edited by ElizabethS on 07-28-2009 07:54 PM