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Does Verizon not want me to pay my bill?
Does Verizon not want me to pay my bill? Because that's the attitude conveyed by your user-hostile website. The credit card on file for my auto-pay expired. So I login to update the info and find I cannot paste in the new info? Some programmer decided he or she should add some JavaScript bloat to the page that disables cut, copy and paste. I can't even start typing in the number, switch to the other window to read the rest of the card number and then switch back to the Verizon webpage and finish entering the number because every time the form field gets focus more JavaScript clears out the data that is already there. Do you really hate your users that much? Hint: Go to look at iOS 3.x and see why Apple had to add copy-and-paste back to their iPhones. Oh... and, in case you care... there is a single POTS line on this account. And my bank doesn't charge me for using their bill pay service. I hope you enjoy paying to processing a paper check for about $5.50 a week every single week. Don't cost me a single penny more.
Re: Does Verizon not want me to pay my bill?
Super User
Super User

Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to other customers here.  If you want to talk to Verizon you need to use the "contact us" link at the bottom of these pages.

There is an "idea exchange" on these forums, however it's not clear to me how much attention Verizon pays to it.  You might want to post a helpful suggestion there.

Note that online bill pay does not always result in a paper check.  For major payees like Verizon, most bill pay systems use an electronic check.  Not only does this save the payee the cost of processing the check, it eliminates the paper processing and postage costs for the bank.  In short, you're not costing Verizon much, if anything by using bank bill pay.  In fact, you may even be saving them a little money as the fees on credit card transactions are probably higher than the cost of accepting electronic bill pay.

Have fun.