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Elderly Mother with Alzheimers no 911! no Phone!!!!! against Law.

Original Work order set up with Heather 9-23-13 – Told her TPV did not take, please see section from out chat log where I told her and she insisted it would be ok and I asked for a phone call. No truck went, No phone call!!!

Online order on 9-23-13

{edited for privacy}

I believe it was Monday 9-30-13, my son (who is actually doing all of the wiring, all we have asked Verizon to do is swap the line over and check for dial tone) called in after I made sure to do a proper TPV with a live person. As you also see above prior to me explaining to Heather TPV disconnected her as well so I am a bit surprised she didn’t go ahead and have me repeat the process. Justin was told that a work order (was given a time frame) for this past Friday 10-4-13 to repeat what was not done on the first work order, we thought ok it was the TPV we should be all set! No call, No dial tone, No truck roll. In fact I was given such a hard time about even speaking to someone because I didn’t have the work order number to protect my own account….. OK….. Heather never gave me a work order # or a MO# he mentioned? Does Verizon ever process an order the same way twice? It appears that each person, department, town and state (because I was asking where each person was from) all will require something different.

10-7-13 it took me 20 minutes to explain the seriousness of what your company has done and after 4 people is when I finally was being transferred to a supervisor to only get disconnected after about 3 seconds. As you see above I made sure to provide a contact number for me (Joanne) when I set up new service on the account. Most of your Customer Service people are very hesitant to provide any information that would make it easy for a customer to refer back to who they spoke to. I understand that they don’t want to give out a last name but shouldn’t any employees that speak to customers take accountability for what is said during that conversation? They must have an employee id that is stamped in your billing system every time they make a note or make a change to a work order/service order. I find it baffling that Verizon has been around for such a long time but the basics are not even being covered. When you have somebody in a Supervisory position with such a lack of follow through or pride in his work really scares me that I was putting phone service in my sick mothers home. Secondly, to find out that on Sunday’s Verizon said to me that oh on Sunday we don’t have an emergency person to go help her… I don’t want that type of company’s service. I do want to say upfront that while this is going on, you are liable for taking her phone service away and since you are connected to a wireless company should have provided her with some form of communication. Until Verizon can successfully give back the 508-285-3500 number I want a safe resolution. I also expect at the very least for you to either communicate with Comcast or fax me something stating the issues since 9-23-13 so that either they credit the phone or you reimburse her for shutting down her Comcast services. I have never seen anything like this in the 10 years I dealt with tv/phone and internet. It is 7am Monday – It’s my birthday and hope I don’t have to spend the day and night dealing with this. Like I mentioned, it must be escalated to your highest department and have someone fix and undo whatever is keeping that service order in limbo. If you escalate this properly and send a bucket truck or tech out ASAP I will for the time being keep the Verizon account. My goal is to protect my family. Please keep in constant contact with me even if they are voice mails I will be checking them and I need your full name and a direct way to contact you. I also would like the person out at the residence to communicate with me when this mess is swapped over. It should be a simple fix after 2 weeks I don’t see what issue you could possible come up with? Please let me know what you provide for Elderly discount on this account and all of the other questions I have about reimbursement for two weeks +. I expect a call by 10 am with some information and hopefully by 2pm a resolution. Please be sure to verify every screen has my contact # and notes are listed not to call the 3500 number as she has Alzheimer’s I am sorry for the constant repetitiveness but apparently this is what I need to do in order for some of your departments to get it right. I also have a screen print of me giving my mother’s name, social, DOB for account and me as POA. That will need to be fixed as well. If you want to call and introduce yourself as being the person to delegate and work on this that would be great. I have been up all night about this so I might take a nap but like I mentioned I will be checking voicemail. I have been trying to get your executive customer care email list and phone numbers……. After this if I don’t hear anything, I guess Verizon will be very very embarrassed (more than they should already be)

Re: Elderly Mother with Alzheimers no 911! no Phone!!!!! against Law.
Khoros Partner
Khoros Partner

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please go to your profile page for the forum, and look in the middle, right at the top where you will find an area titled "My Support Cases".  You can reach your profile page by clicking on your name beside your post, or at the top left of this page underneath the title of the board.

Under “My Support Cases” you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information.  This should be checked on a frequent basis  as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.

Re: Elderly Mother with Alzheimers no 911! no Phone!!!!! against Law.
Customer Service Rep


        We are not able to assist if you do not provide the information for the account. As we haven't heard from you after multiple requests for that information we are now closing your Private Support Case. If you still require assistance please make a new post and we will happy to help after acquiring your account data.