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Landline Down 22 Days This Month

This is my third repair request in a month. 

Outage 8/15-8/19, first available service date was given as 9/07.   Understood there was a strike on but felt the system's first response should be "we'll do a network check and notify you if a home service call is needed."

Service was restored prior to repair date - it was a network problem.

Outage 8/28-9/10.  Repair service visit scheduled for 9/23.  Received a call 9/10 from a technician saying line was fixed.  No home visit necessary.

Down again today.  Message came back from the system " We have detected a network related issue with your phone service."

I need to schedule a time to be available for the third time in a month for something that appears to be Verizon Network related. 

Total outage for the month to date is 22 days (and counting). 

I am wondering if this is an area problem.  Area code 973.

Re: Landline Down 22 Days This Month

Sorry to hear about your repeated problems. We would like to help. I have sent a private message to you to get more information.

Re: Landline Down 23 Days This Month - Back in Service 9/20

Service was restored at some time during the day on Tuesday 9/20, after a automated call to my cell from VZ saying the network issue had been corrected Monday 9/19.  Seems like the repair request created Monday night was the ticket that got the result.

I had requested text message or email contact on the problem in hopes to get a better understanding of what was causing the repeated outages.  Not recognizing the number calling me was Verizon I picked up the call and listened to the recorded message but didn't retain much information.  I think it said a cable from one switch station to another was down and is now fixed.

With luck I won't be posting about another outage any time soon.

Meanwhile I will be looking to see what billing credit I will receive for the period service was not available. 

Re: Landline Down 23 Days This Month - Back in Service 9/20

Update:  On 9/21 I received a call from a Verizon tech on my cell saying she was at my place of residence, the outside line was working but she thought there was a problem with the line inside.  I thanked her and told her the phone had been working fine since the previous day. 

Friday, 9/23 I began to have problems wherein the phone would ring twice - both my perception and that of callers - and if I didn't answer by the 2nd ring callers would get a fast busy signal on their end.  I didn't learn about my callers' issues until Sunday.

I unplugged the units from both jacks and reconnected them.  That seemed to resolve the latest issue.

I waited to see what acknowledgment of down time Verizon was going to credit to my bill for the 23 days without services.

There was no recognition of anything before the first scheduled repair date (9/07). 

So not having the service from 8/15-8/19 and again from 8/28-9/06 was not taken into account, nor was the time down from 9/18 to 9/20.  The one day - 9/21 - was noted. 

9/79/11Out of Service Credit (removed)-5.27
9/21 Out of Service Credit (removed)-1.05
Change in Service and Partial Month Subtotal-$6.32

When a person gets tired of fighting for resolution of the same things over and over, they begin to look for someone else to provide the services lacking with the first vendor.

Re: Landline Down 23 Days This Month - Back in Service 9/20

Hi njcopper

An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or help you resolve your issue.

Re: Landline Down 23 Days This Month - Back in Service 9/20
Verizon support is in receipt of this issue. We will send you a PM to gather additional information.


Tonya D.
Re: Landline Down 26 Days This Month - On and Off Since 3/08 to 4/12

Hi -

I'm back again.  I have had intermittent line outages since Hurricane Irene.  At least one or two a month.

All have come up, until the check on 4/06, as Network Outage. 

I am not always aware of the issue until I hear from someone that they tried to reach me and couldn't. 

A repair request from 3/16 was resolved 3/20 but it only lasted a day or so.  I was off line again before the weekend and didn't know it until I was called at work the following week.

I have a repair visit scheduled for tomorrow.  The customer service person who assisted me 4/06 to have Call Recovery put in place for Easter weekend was wonderful.  Wish I could find her name ATM but can't.  When I called yesterday to cancel the Call Recovery (too many telemarketers reaching a work-issued cell phone) I ended up instead with Verizon Voicemail and no access code/password.

I did send a frustrated nast-e-mail to customer support.  It appears the two individuals "helping" me with ending Call Recovery on 4/11 were inept.  Gloria didn't grasp that I couldn't end call forwarding myself because my line was down with a repair call out and when she did get that concept she could comprehend why the company issued cell phone I had calls forwarded to wasn't showing on my personal Verizon account, despite my explaining it wasn't my personal cell.

Michael wasn't that bad.  He did grasp the issue and put in the request to have Call Recovery stopped.  But it was after talking with Michael that I ended up with Voicemail I did not request and cannot access.

I did manage to have Verizon cancel my Call Waiting on this line which hasn't seen a successful incoming or outgoing call in nearly a month.   At least something was accomplished.

Re: Landline Down 26 Days This Month - On and Off Since 3/08 to 4/12

What did I mean by no access code / password for the unrequested Voice Mail?


Voice Mail Access Number for 973xxxxxxx

We are unable to retrieve your Voice Mail Access Number *


Unfortunately, we are unable to find your voice mail access number at this time.


You can also call Verizon customer service at 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966).


Voice Mail Password Reset Status

Voice Mail Reset Password: FAILURE

Unfortunately, we are unable to resolve your issue at this time. Please call Verizon customer service at 1-800-VERIZON(1-800-837-4966).

Re: Landline Down 26 Days This Month - On and Off Since 3/08 to 4/12

This morning Ms. Sedgwick at Verizon Customer support successfully discontinued the unwanted, unrequested voice mail.

YAY!  And thank you Ms. Sedgwick. 

Also this morning, George the technician visited and identified the phone line issue is indeed a network problem.  As best as can be determined the underground cable from the switching station to this location is underwater someplace and shorting. 

it seems there will be construction going on someplace during the day - and maybe for a couple of days - in attempt to correct the problem.

I suppose next I need to begin petitioning again for credit on my phone bill. 

Re: Down 30 Days+ - Verizon Customer Support Says This Patron is Making too Much of a Situation

Not surprisingly my line is still down.  Fixing a cable problem from a switching station to an apartment complex over a weekend isn't likely to happen. 

But I received an email telling me that the technician would be at my residence again this morning between 8a-12p for a service call I never requested. 

I called 866-962-1946 to cancel, or rather to be certain, no technician would be visiting me this morning and again got unprofessional service from Verizon Customer Service on a voice call.

Jackie, as she identified herself, would not commit to say the technician would not bother me between 8-11:59 a.m. but told me I was making too much of the email message - that it was simply a generalized message that is sent to any customer whose line is down.  She also stated "you can't expect a customized message" and "that message is for the technicians to be sure they have the repair on the schedule." 

I don't expect a customized message but is it too much to expect Verizon might have more than one canned notification to send people?  As in this situation, if meaning to reassure, a simple message that the repairs are still underway not that one's personal schedule needs to be rearranged. 

And perhaps there should be another booking system to be certain the technicians are dispatched.

Lastly, perhaps Verizon should add a line or two to the call center scripts advising customer service representatives that a customer is never making too much of anything.  If a customer is bothered by something, make a note of it, tell them you'll pass it along, agree with them that you can understand how it might be confusing, apologize for any discomfort it might have caused, and view it as an opportunity to improve service delivery.