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Thrifty Caller - Is There a Charge for 800 Numbers?
Enthusiast - Level 1


I only use my phone for sending data over the phonelines for my job (They won't get with the times and allow VoIP or general online sending yet, blargh). So I'm thinking of downgrading my current landline service in the process of moving to a new house in the area.

The Thrifty Caller option has a relatively low fee of $7/month, but then there are charges associated with even local dialing (with very odd decimals... who the heck will sit there and add up their time at 4.3 cents per minute?).

My question is, would 1-800 numbers be charged these odd decimal-cent fees? Or are they still Toll-Free no matter what? (both asking since my equipment uses an 800 number to send, plus in case I need to use a calling-card.)


EDIT: I'm trying to see what the full charge of transfering will be, whether there's installation fee, what the taxes and other fees will be, etc. And yet all I got was an ambiguous thing at the bottom asking if I want to pay the one-time $43 in installments or not. $43 for what?! That'd better not be just for telling the new house to use its phoneline; it can't be THAT difficult and time-consuming for the tech, can it? @_@

Also, that's not showing up on the Order Summary page at all. And it's still not showing any partial-month fees, credit for bill paid this month, taxes, or other fees. It just says the plain ol' $7 in the Order Summary.

Shouldn't an Order Summary include ALL costs you expect to be charged for, and add them up into a total BEFORE you agree to pay? Why would anyone agree to pay something if they don't even know how much it'll end up being?

FAQs say that ordering online there's no "additional charges". This makes one assume that via phone, there would be extra charges. But I can't ask questions to an online form, so now I have no idea how I should do this order, whether I pick the cheaper package or not... I'm not submitting it unless/until some answers come. @_@