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Unauthorized carrier switch

This morning I recieved a call from an autobot claiming to be Verizon saying that my local and long distance carrier was being switched from Verizon (I have had FIOS) and if this was not authorized to call (888)384-7255.   Further, it stated a switch may affect my bundle pricing (I have had Triple Play)

Well, I had not authorized or even checked on switching carriers so I mostly thought it was a scam.  So, instead of calling the number, I called the main Verizon number and talked to someone. 

Se said, sure enough my carrier had been switched to MCI the day before.  After asking for a lot of information about how that could happen (and not really getting answer) she basically had me go through the 3rd party verification process to switch back to Verizon.   

I thought it must have either been some attempt at Fraud or a glitch or something, but then I realized that Verizon owns MCI ! So, what gives ? 

I should also mention that this month was the end of my 1st year of FIOS service.

Anyone else have this happen ?  Should I be concerned ?

Re: Unauthorized carrier switch
Enthusiast - Level 2

I had a similar thing happen to me in Nov 2009 (I have FIOS triple plan).  The following is my "rant' 

One Saturday morning, a friend called me on my cell phone to ask if there was something wrong with my landline. Turns out, Verizon had discontinued my service that Friday afternoon. The guy at "User Help" said they had a work order to discontinue my FIOS phone service (but not my internet or TV) and another carrier was going to get my number.  The kicker is that the new provider was listed as "Verizon".  The Verizon rep said that since it was the weekend, there was a limit to what information he had access to, but that he would call me back during the week to get to the bottom of it.  In the meantime, he assigned me a "new" number to get me phone service for the weekend & he might be able to retrieve my old number next week but since it was released to the general "number available" pool, there was a chance I wouldn't get the number.

Of course, he never called back. I kept the new number because I was worried that the old number may have been compromised somehow by being "slammed".  My billing was completely screwed up for about 2 months.  I should have pressed the issue more because no "third party" verification occurred before they ported my number.

The kicker is that my "new" number wasn't new. The previous holder must have skipped out on various loans and I keep getting collection agency phone calls. The final straw occurred while I was on vacation.  I don't use the FIOS voice mail service & have a regular old voice-mail recorder attached to my home phone.  The "robot" messages for the previous owner of the phone number completely filled up my voicemail.  I'll be calling Verizon later today to get a new number.    

Re: Unauthorized carrier switch
Super User
Super User

Hmmm ... MCI is a Verizon subsidiary I believe?!?  Did you maybe switch from regular phone to digital voice?