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Unrelenting Telemarketer

OMG! What can I do to stop this company from calling me?

My call ID says it ESTA **bleep** 202 495 7142

If you Google this company all you find is people complaining they can not  get them to stop calling.

They have been calling me for 45 days now. One time I did get to the phone in time to speak with a live person only for them to transfer me back to the automated loop. I asked the live person to please take me off their calling list.

If I call this number an automated system says to press 1 to have your number removed in 72hr. That was 4 weeks ago.

I have not used this number on anything paperwork wise. Did Verizon sell my number? Did this company use a war dialer? 

From my brief research on this matter regarding the war dialer, It seems as if you can complain to the FCC via their website.(which apparently a lot of people already have complained about this company). So why am I still getting calls? Don't say you need to be on the don't call list, because this company doesn't care. I guess my question is how can Verizon protect its customer from this kind of attack? Can I use a * command to block the number? If you say I have to pay for an additional service then how is Verizon protecting me?

Thank you,


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Re: Unrelenting Telemarketer
Contributor - Level 1

is it not comig up under caller ID ?

if its not , then you can use Anon Call Rejection.

it will reject all those pesky anons from calling you !

Re: Unrelenting Telemarketer
Enthusiast - Level 2

There may not be an answer within the FCC/Verizon system.  If the call is from a legitimate charity, it will be exempt from the Do Not Call list.  If a number shows up, then it's not an anonymous call, and so the available call blocking features from Verizon won't work.  Even so, I've found that a number of calls that should be blocked by Anonymous Call Block still get through.

There are, however, a number of devices that allow you to set up blacklists from your telephone.  Some are designed to be added to an existing phone system, while others are incorporated into the phone itself.  Getting detailed information about these systems seems to be a trifle difficult, since the web sites that sell telephones seem to assume you already know all about the feature, and a visit to Radio Shack proved that at least some of their employees don't know about it.  From what I understand from reading the user reviews on Amazon, the unwanted number can be copied from Caller ID and entered into the Blacklist database, which holds up to 30 numbers.  A call from a blocked number will ring once, but then the caller will get a busy signal.

Obviously nothing will work perfectly.  If some telemarketers can bypass Anonymous Call Rejection, then their numbers won't be available to enter into the Blacklist, but the combination of a restrictive telephone and Anonymous Call Rejection seems to be as good as you can get right now.

FWIW, Amazon has some very reasonably priced telephone systems that got good reviews from users.  

Re: Unrelenting Telemarketer

We are getting war-dialed from some company named "Insight Teleservices"... they call at least 3 times a day, and it is getting extremely annoying.  No one is on the line when we pick up, and when we called the number back, we were greeted with a computer that told us to press 1 to remove this number from the calling list.

We did so, and the volume of calls increased.

Verizon really needs to have a system in place to block incoming calls - a method that doesn't require additional hardware or extra payments.  We are already paying too much for home phone service alone (but that's a story for a different day).

Just put a filter on the lines at the switching center or something.  (edit) if I can filter out calls on a MagicJack, then Verizon should be able to do something.

Re: Unrelenting Telemarketer
Contributor - Level 3

what i did was buy new panasonic phones with call block on it.   It allows you to save up to 25 numbers in the call block list - then when they do call your phone rings once and stops and they hear a busy signal.   I have digital voice and am also going to put the overflow on my verizon call block list which would give me the option of blocking up to 35 numbers between the 2 options

Re: Unrelenting Telemarketer
Specialist - Level 1

You can try callin the Verizon  Nuisance reporting numbers

800 257-2969 or 800 518-5507
Re: Unrelenting Telemarketer
Enthusiast - Level 3

I keep a whistle by my phone just for those type of calls.