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A couple weeks ago I had Verizon FIOS Triple Play Installed and so far I am disappointed with all three. Need feedback about the following:

They installed a big ugly control center with the fiber optic cable coming in and then coax cable going out to tv. Since installed the sound on the tv is much lower than with Cablevision. It is hooked up just like I had with Cablevision - in bedroom hdmi from box to tv; living room is configured with a/v cable and component video cables directly from box to tv and hdmi cable from box to surround sound receiver then hdmi to tv. Verizon is trying to blame the component-a/v cables. Any suggestions

I was having trouble with the FIOS VOIP phone service and called Verizon and was told that since I am not paying for in-home wiring service I would have to pay for a home visit or pay $4.99 month for wire service.  The phone line they installed is ran from their control box to back of desk (about 10 feet). I said you installed it and you should be required to service it. I do not know anything about the **bleep** control box and if I opened it and tried to rewire and it screwed up I would be liable so why isn't Verizon liable for their wiring? Anyone with this issue?

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Super User

You probably just need to tweak the STB volume to match it to the input levels your TV needs.   Menu -> Settings -> Audio -> Set Top Volume.   Try turning up the level.

As for the phone, Verizon is right.  They are no responsible for the inside wiring.   I'm surprised they installed a new wire at all.   Did they not just reuse the existing house wiring?   If you are having trouble with the wiring, do it yourself.   Go visit a home store and pickup some telelphone extension wire (with phone connectors already on it if you like) and run it wherever you like.   The "big ugly box" as you call it is called the ONT (Optical Network Terminal).   This is usually mounted outside or inside the house in some inconspicuous location.   If you look at the box, you'lll see there is a clearly labelled "customer side" which you may open to access the customer cable side of the box.   Inside you'll find a coax connector (for TV and sometime Internet), and ethernet jack (for Internet sometimes) and one or more standard phone jacks.      You can't move the box, but everything on the customer side of the box and heading in toward your house is your responsbility.

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It's always taking a risk when you opt to not arrange for the phone company to maintain your wiring. Don't get me wrong, I never do.

Usually it's enough to eliminate the house wiring as a cause of trouble if you do the following: Unplug the phone or cable going to the ONT. Plug another phone directly into the ONT phone jack. You may need a long cord to make this convenient to use. Do not use the Verizon-supplied wire. Then monitor the phone for problems like you have noticed.

If they go away, you can blame the original wiring and replace it yourself.

If they don't go away, you can blame Fios. Now... here comes the crapshoot.... Call and schedule repair service. If they find problems with the house wiring (or even think they have), you will be responsible for service charges. If they don't, it's their problem. But at least, you will have the confidence that you have eliminated the house wiring as the cause, but it still won't be a guarantee that you won't incur charges.