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Verizon Surcharges & Fees

I just paid my verizon bill so i thought I would ask about the part of the bill labeled "Verizon Surcharges & Fees".

I have the following on my bill:

Federal Universal Service Fee - $3.79

VLD Carrier Cost Recovery Charge - $1.25

Federal Subscriber Line and Access Recovery Charge - $7.50

VLD Long Distance Administrative Charge - $.74

Ttotal - $10.47

What are all these charges for? I don't have FIOS. Verizon won't tell me when my town will be getting FIOS.

My DSL is somewhat marginal at best but when I check the speed I'm at the maximum for my DSL. And I

only live 3 blocks from the central office.

I don't want to ask Verizon Customer Service since i'm sure I'll receive a canned response from them.

Re: Verizon Surcharges & Fees
Super User
Super User

You didn't even list half of the fees I have on my bill (which includes land-line service, FIOS Internet, FIOS TV and Verizon Wireless in a One-Bill statement). Look at this Verizon Billing Glossary to see what they say about the fees. I didn't look to see if all the ones you listed are there. When I did it for my bill, however, sadly, with one or two exceptions, they are allowed to (and occasionally required to) collect the surcharges and fees listed.

I was going to amend this post with a link I had to the roll-out plans they published for various states and cites. Only problem is none of the links work any longer. They used to publish a list every couple months (or maybe every quarter) listing which cities/towns and within that, which streets they were going to be working on with tentative dates (by day). I hadn't looked at those in a long time - probably over a year. That's apparently all gone. 

It sounds like Verizon has no plans to expand its service at all. In fact, they have been winding down since 2010. I believe they are still filling in gaps in places like NYC, but they aren't expanding to new areas. Unless you have FIOS surrounding you (but not at your specific address), it doesn't sound like you are likely to get it - at least, not from Verizon. On top of that, as of today, they have sold off all their FIOS assets in CA, FL and TX to Fronter. You have a better chance getting Google Fiber to drop into your neighborhood at this point. Verizon is moving all their eggs to the wireless market where the data caps and higher charges let them make the most profit.

Re: Verizon Surcharges & Fees
Contributor - Level 2

all verizon bill & verizon wireless bill surcharge about 20% of the bill

Re: Verizon Surcharges & Fees
Enthusiast - Level 3

They're all just stupid below the line fees. Lower the advertised price, raise the fees. Gotta love the cable industry.

Re: Verizon Surcharges & Fees

PLEASE SOMEBODY explain this to me. I need to calm down before I call customer service.
I moved my business to a different addres. I had to bring my old number so now I have 2 phone lines and a dsl so called 'high speed' internet. I've been told by the sales person via the phone my new package will cost $75. First of all I didn't get the bills by mail for 4 months now. I'm not enrolled in paperless billing. Finally I activated my online account after 2 weeks of failure due to merging process. So I expected $100 a month including taxes. My bill goes up to $175 with a section called 'Verizon surcharges' $69. Are you crazy?!
And I don't even use the phones. I'm just a reciever, local residents call me for appointments.