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Whose lines are "crossed", mine or theirs?

I have a Verizon land line and use a cordless phone.  Today, I had a conversation with someone (insurance agent), and shortly after the conversation ended, my phone rang again.  The caller ID showed, "Unknown caller," which I usually ignore.  Sometimes, I'll pick it up and wait to see if someone will speak, so I know that it's not an autodialer -- then I give them hell because I'm on the DNC list  Smiley Wink.

This time, I did pick up.  To my surprise, I heard two people having a conversation (nothing confidential, nothing completely identifying anyone, but coincidentally, the man's name was the same as my agent).  I pressed a button or two, then spoke, to see if they could hear me.  Nope.  I hung up. 

The phone rang again, also "Unknown caller,"  but I picked up anyway.  It was the same woman whom I had just heard!  I told her that I had heard part of her conversation with, as it turns out, my insurance agent

So, what are the odds that *their* lines are the troubled ones; or could it be mine?  I believe it's their lines, since he initiated the call to me, and then he called her.  We did complete our call (both of us hung up), so it's not as if he put me on Hold.

I don't know who their carrier is, but you can bet that I'll tell him about this!

Message Edited by SharonB on 08-24-2009 10:00 AM
Re: Whose lines are "crossed", mine or theirs?

Although I'm embarrassed to do so, I have to answer my own post.  However, it may help someone else in the same situation.

I just spoke with my agent (and they also use Verizon).  They were trying to add me to a conference call, although no mention of this was made in their conversation.

So, no crossed lines.  I was beginning to think that I was in the Twilight Zone!  Smiley Very Happy