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Why does it take Verizon forever to fix our phones when they go out?

I live in a rural area of Pennsylvania, and our power and phones go out quite frequently. PPL (our electric provider) makes every attempt to fix our power as soon as they can, and it's usually back on within a couple of hours. Verizon, on the other hand, takes DAYS to fix our phones. Where I live, there is no cell phone service, so we have no way of calling for help if we need it in an emergency. When we call to report outages, which involves driving 7+ miles into a town where there IS cell phone service, the Verizon reps always tell us just to use our cell phones while we're waiting for our appointment, and don't believe us when we tell them that cell phones don't work at our house. My husband works from home and needs the use of our phone, and I work 60 miles away from home and need to be able to get in contact with my husband in an emergency.

Long story short, our phone and power are out AGAIN. While PPL can tell me they are in the process of fixing the issue (which is effecting 250+ customers), when I call Verizon, my only option is to make a repair appointment for Wednesday from 8AM-7PM. I spoke to an agent after making that appointment, and she told me that there was no "group ticket" active for our area, so as far as they knew, we were the only ones out. The only reason I was able to report our outage was that I am at work 60 miles away, and the only reason that no one else ever reports a problem is because THEY CAN'T BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY TO! Seriously, Verizon, you need to make your rural customers with no other means of communication a priority. Having to wait until Wednesday at the earliest, and then be told by your rep that it could take longer, is completely unacceptable.

Re: Why does it take Verizon forever to fix our phones when they go out?

Sorry to hear about your service interruption. I have sent you a private message to assist further.