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Champion - Level 1

so i still have a landline, why i dont know

why are there sooo many charges?

basic plan 7.99, then add dialtone? hellooooo. why isnt that included in the plan?

shortfall charge? what the heck is that? because i dont use the phone im being charged more?

im trying to justify keeping it for emergencies and such, but it never gets used. 

verizon can you please explain why a 7.99 phone plan costs over $34 if its never used?

ok, maybe my dish box calls once in a while, but honestly i cannot remember the last time i picked up the handset was

Breakdown of Charges

Voice Services

Dial Tone Line                                                                           8.63

Non-Published Service                                                              2.17

Residence Local Usage Package Unlimited Flat Rate Service   7.99

Basic Rates                                                                               .00

Shortfall Charge                                                                        6.00

Total Voice Services                                                              $24.79

Taxes, Fees and Other Charges


Federal Excise Tax                                                                      .75

MD Federal Universal Service Fund Surcharge                              .77

MD 911 Fee                                                                              1.00

Telecommunications Access of MD Fee                                       .18

MD Gross Receipts Tax Surcharge                                                .47

Federal Subscriber Line Charge                                                  5.65

- Long Distance

Federal Universal Service - Long Distance                                   .68

MD Tax Surcharge                                                                      .13

Total Taxes, Fees and Other Charges                                      $9.63

Total Charges                                                                           $34.42

Re: bill
Super User
Super User

While I can't explain Verizon's logic / justification for their phone rates (particularly when VoIP rates from well known alternate providers can net you unlimited long distance and local calling for under $20/month taxes included), maybe I can help you save some money on your current setup:

- First, drop the non-published service option ($2.17/month).  Telemarketers don't look in phone books anymore, they just blind call numbers, so it's not a big deal to be listed

- Drop your long distance service if you don't use it.   Looks like this could drop another $6/month (and may also be the reason for the shortfall charge if the long distance plan requires you to make a minimum number of calls / month)

- Also might want to switch from a local flat rate service to a per minute plan if you really don't use it much.


With that said, I long ago dropped my traditional land line service and went with an Internet-based VoIP provider (Verizon markets this as "Digital Voice", but there are a number of other providers out there and it's a very competitive space from a pricing standpoint).  Most will support a "dial-up" device that phones out for guide updates, etc. (check to be certain with the provider). 

I presently pay $16/month taxes included (two year contract) to a provider for unlimited local/long distance in the US with a host of services including voicemail, online message deliver, caller ID, free non-published service option, inbound fax, second outgoing line (same number), and a number of others.   I ported my home number to the service, so I still have the same number I always did.  YMMV.

Re: bill
Champion - Level 1

well when i got the plan i told them i didnt want long distance, so i shouldnt have it.

and as far as voip, id love too.  can you talk someone into running cable to me? or fibre? heck even extending dsl.

nope voip is not an option as there is no high speed internet available where i live, yes there are still l octions not serviced.

i may just ditch it, im debating, gonna have to call them and see what they can do

Re: bill

Gees have you checked out the taxes on your bill lately? The taxes equal out almost as much as the bill, I know on mine I get taxed 4 times for the same thing but worded different then at least twice for MD state, ridiculous! A CRIME REALLY! Smiley Mad

Re: bill

At least his/her bill is better looking than mine. I pay $16 a month just for dial tone alone. The taxes are another $14. I could just get VoIP but the problem with that is we are too constrained on bandwidth as it is to even get that, plus it's assuring to know I have the only phone line in the neighborhood that works when the power goes out. It's too bad the dial-tone charge keeps going up whenever the electric company raises their rates, people keep removing landline service, and the taxes keep changing every year.

@mdram4x4: In that case you need to get on the phone and get the Long Distance charges taken off. That should knock off the Shortfall Surcharge and Long Distance Taxes. The other taxes you won't be getting rid of since they come as a part of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and are from the state/federal government. You'll need to talk to your elected officials about those. Anything else such as the de-listing from the telephone book and the calling plan you're on you'll have to decide if it is worth it to you. Away from the Unlimited local calling plan, there is a Sensible Minute plan. Around here that plan is $2 plus 9-12 cents per every call made.