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changing my number back should not be This difficult!!! /rant

I originally had FIOS triple play service set up at my parents house.  I moved, ordered new service at my new house and set up service for my parents with The request that The phone number stay with them, since it has been at The house for years. Shouldn't be a hard task right, except it has been 10 days of going back and forth between The fiber solutions centre and billing dept to even get a dial tone at my house.  and I still don't have a phone!!!

The billing dept tells me that The number is shown live and working at my house, So there is nothing they can do... If there is an issue with The line not working I need to go to tech support... I sit on hold for hours with tech support while they research The issue and they advise that even though The account shows that The order for The number change has been completed, nothing has been put through as far as a port order... So a new order needs to put thru..They have been working with The network team to try and rebuild The line but it looks fine except send me back to billing and they tell me they cannot put in an order to switch my number to something that is already is showing at that location... Smiley Mad

my patience is running out and I am tired of having to sit on The phone and constantly have to follow-up on my own time... This is freakin ridiculous... I'm ready to cancel both accounts...

Re: changing my number back should not be This difficult!!! /rant
Contributor - Level 2

Hey was your old Phone Number with verizon or another carrier please let us know so we can try and help you.

Re: changing my number back should not be This difficult!!! /rant

i am going through the same thing rightn ow kinda!! i made a post also

Re: changing my number back should not be This difficult!!! /rant
Enthusiast - Level 3
You just have to try to get the right customer service people. I went back and forth for months trying to combine services WITHOUT changing the number I had for 13 years. It can be done, though the system makes it hard for the reps. to do it for you. The following is part of an email exchange with corporate that was sent on 02-04-10. I'm am still holding my breath waiting for an answer
Dear {edited for privacy}
While it is true that {edited for privacy} offered to compensate me for my troubles regarding a combination of services, it is NOT true that the telephone number needs to be changed. I know this to be true because on 01/08/2010 at approximately 1237 pm, I initiated a call to Verizon (866-566-6904) in response to a promotional flyer received at my home. I had the privilege of speaking with two knowledgeable, dedicated and courteous employees. The support person that I reached was {edited for privacy}I made no mention of the problems I had been suffering through with Verizon for two months and just asked if I were eligible for the $ 89.99 per month offer listed in the flyer for FiOS Extreme HD TV, Internet and Phone. I told her that I had recently added Digital Voice to my existing TV & Internet package and that for some reason the phone service was not bundled causing a higher than expected bill. She attempted to add the discount to my services but since I had two separate account numbers, she was unable to link them due to a computer system restriction. After several minutes of trying and explaining that I was in fact entitled to the package discount and then asking for assistance from a supervisor, she apologized for the inconvenience and put me in contact with {edited for privacy}.
{edited for privacy} was made aware of my problem by {edited for privacy}and he assured me that it would be resolved without any phone number change, due to the fact that the original Verizon support person entered the order incorrectly while porting the number back to Verizon from Vonage. {edited for privacy} put me on hold to check with IT and said that this could be done by the end of business that day or on a day of my choice in the future. I agreed to have them do it that day so as to put an end to this problem sooner rather than later. He took my cell phone number and said they would get right on it so my phone service would be disconnected shortly. After about five minutes, the house phone went dead. {edited for privacy} called me and said that they were in the process of bringing it all together and he would keep me updated as to it's status. As promised, he called me twice for updates and one last time to say that it was completed but that the test call to the home had gone to voicemail. I stated that my phone was not working and he put me in contact with Eric from the FSC. Eric stated that the line was active and asked if I was able to troubleshoot the problem with his verbal assistance or if I wanted a technician sent out. I agreed to check first and he instructed me to open the ONT and plug a corded phone to the test jack to check for a dial tone. Service was at the test jack and he asked what port was connected to the phone line of the ONT. I stated port # 2 was installed by the field tech Tom when the service was turned on 11/16/2009 because port #1 was inactive. Eric stated that the new service was active on port #1 since Verizon's computer showed that it was the one activated on 11/16/2009. He asked if I could move the wires from port # 1 to # 2. I made the switch in the dark while holding a flashlight in my mouth and the phone worked perfectly.   
My frustration in this instance was caused by a series of blatant mistakes by Verizon and by placing unnecessary restrictions on the customer service computers. What should have been a simple transition to Digital Voice and all of it's great features, became an absolute nightmare. As a Verizon stockholder, I suggest the installation procedure of the whole FiOS service needs to be streamlined to avoid consumer headaches and Verizon cost overruns. The original FiOS install in November 2007, resulted in two missed appointments by Verizon and my nearly cancelling the service before it being set in place.  I stated in my initial letter to Mr. Seidenberg that the services are exceptional but the installation procedures are horrendous.