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moving can I transfer my number

I'm moving soon.  My current number is being used for my consulting business.  The new location is in a different area code so I know I can't transfer the number, but I was wondering if I can continue to pay for the current number and have any calls to it forwarded to my new number. 

I think I could do this in a round about way if I were to sign up and transfer this number to vonage, but was wondering if Verizon could offer the same service.

Re: moving can I transfer my number
Specialist - Level 1

Verizon has VOIP as well.... but if you are moving into another location that has a different area code, a land line would not work, as far as I know, for what you are wanting.... sounds like VOIP is your solution for keeping that exact number

Re: moving can I transfer my number
Contributor - Level 2

You can call the local orders department and discuss with them. You may be able to keep that number. It would then be what they call a "foreign exchange service" or it may fall under the Local Number Portability (LNP).  

Re: moving can I transfer my number
Contributor - Level 1

Contact your local business office (phone number is on your phone bill) and ask about having a feature/service called "Remote Call Forwarding" added to you current/old phone number.  All calls originally destined for you current/old phone number will be redirected to you new number --even though the old phone line has been disconnected.  With this arrangement YOU will be billed for all charges for all calls forwarded.  (Sort of like establishing an 800 number for your customers, except that your customers continue to simply dial the number they have always used.

Alternatively, if you simply disconnect your current/old phone number you should be presented with the choice to have calls to your old number intercepted and the recording will announce your new number, so that your customer can hang up and re-dial the new number --in this case your customer(s) will pay the charges associated with calling the new number.  You should also be presented with the option of having the intercept recording offer to automatically connect the caller to the new number --again for an additional charge in addition to the charges associated with calling the new number.

Note that "Remote Call Forwarding" is a feature that will remain active for your number until/unless you cancel it.  The intercept announcement/connect arrangement will be automatically removed from your old number after several months, based on the demand for new telephone service (and numbers) in your area; or if the number of calls to the old number drops in volume.