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out going call logs
Verizon could very easily generate an outgoing call log very much like they generate an incoming call log. In the very least they could generate an e-mail through call assistant for the outgoing calls at the time they are made similar to that offered for incoming calls now. This service would be very considerate of their customers. Rather than worry about the affects of their customer's comparative marketing efforts, analyzing such a report and comparing it to the pay for each call service often offered at better pricing, instead of using a flat rate fee, Verizon could recognize that many customers would like to monitor their home phone usage. This information is on record. Verizon elects not to make it available at the time the calls are made. Everyone should request that they do. Until they do I am forced to use an outside company to track outgoing calls since I am not given the option to even pay for this service through Verizon.
Re: out going call logs

Sorry, I am not trying to be hard on Verizon. But, I am not happy with very much of thier services as far as telephone service goes. When I called them about internationa calling, I wanted to know how many minutes I used for the month. I do alot of international calling. And, I have the 500 minute plan. The lady told me I had to keep track of it myself. She told me to write it down every time I called, and add up the minutes. She told me there is no way for her to check, or me to check on it, until I receive the bill. Later, I found out there is a way to check on it online. I downloaded Verizon Call Assistant, and it does not function on my computer. I am hoping they will do a fix on it, so it will work. I know I am not alone. If everything worked with Verizon Telephone service, they say they have, I would be so happy.

But, so far they only thing I am really happy with is my fax works very well with it. I came over from Vonage to Verizon, with Vonage I had to subscribe to an additional fax line, for good fax service. Everything Vonage has works and right now I am thinking of going back to them. They now have free calls to the country I call all the time! For the price of an extra fax line, I could get free international calling now.

Verizon, if your listening, please fix your software, I do not want to go thru the hassel of changing back to Vonage.