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so upset with verizon

I have had Fios for two months.  My telephone lines in my house have been down 4 times.  Every time i have to wait an hour to get someone on the phone.  since i am using my cell phone i have to pay for those calls  They gave me a 12 hour window when the repair man will come so i have to stay home 12 hours  and wait,  this is the third time this has happened.  I cant call anyone to complain because i cant hold on , on my Cell and they do not tell me anything other then they will charge me fror the tech and they can come anywhere up to 9pm at night.

Very frustrating for me since I have  medical issues i need to take care of.   

I am so going to get out of Fios when this is over.  Thisis terrible customer service

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Re: so upset with verizon
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I am in the same situation!! My landline has been out since the last rain storm about 7-10 days ago. we are in VA 22408. My husband has attempted to call verizon at least 10 times during the last few days on our cell each time holding for 45 min plus and we hang up and try again later, I guess 1 hour is the new hold time? This is HORRIBLE. There is no dial tone, when we pick the phone up it just clicks. I work from home and 9 months pregnant we depend on our landline service. I am done with ALL Verizon products after this. Its a shame such a good product has such crappy cus. service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: so upset with Verizon
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I am sorry your phone service is down, I sent you a PM with a request for information.

Peter C.

Re: so upset with verizon
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Helmsley123 and Stephlove, can you tell me if your posts here got good results?

My line has been down 3 times in the past month for a total of 22 days (and counting).  Odd thing is I have had the service for 12 yrs and until the recent strike I had no outages or phone service problems. 

Re: so upset with verizon
Enthusiast - Level 2
This is largely because you probably are on their new SIP based "Digital voice service" that they don't understand yet... I am down now also. To get around this, I have my Verizon FIos Voice set up to forward to my ITSP. (I use Liquidty, but just as good is "VYL media". They send you a SIP device, runs over Internet, and it has 2 ports. You can connect phones to the same line, and actually use up to 4 calls out and 4 inboud at the same time for anywhere in the US and CAnada for $27.25 flat rate. You get to select your number, and you can create 2 additional virtual numbers anywhere in the US. I did this in CA, so a friend in CA who has no LD carrier, just dials my local CA number and it rings my line. In fact Fios Digital voice has been so unreliable, I have started giving out my SIP number from Liquidity. It has all the features of Verizon digital voice. Voice mail, call waiting, etc... for $27/mo. It is clear as a bell, not like Vonage... I have no affiliation with them at all. I am a network engineer. And I really feel bad for people that expect to just pick up the phone and have it work! Well, Fios Internet is quite reliable. When you sign up with Liquidy or VYL Media, they will send you the box, and you set up your account in 10 mins and are working. Oh yes, it supports (E911), so when you dial 911, it goes directly to the police, not to some call center.... Good luck. I am sure Verizon will learn how to use SIP based VOIP soon, but why suffer while they do???