4G/LTE Network Extender doesn't restart after loses internet connection
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I've noticed the really annoying fact that my 4G/LTE Network Extender doesn't automatically try to restart after having lost its internet connection. It will just sit there saying "Out of Service" after the internet has come back after an interruption. The old 3G Network Extenders had a lot of problems, but would generally recover from having lost its internet connection, and restart just fine. This is mainly a problem if I'm not around, and other people (family or guests) are using Verizon, and my router has a problem. The router will recover, but the Network Extender will just sit there, out of service, blue light blinking.

Is my Network Extender the only one that does this, fails to try to restart after an internet connection problem is resolved, or do other people experience this as well? Other than the inability to manage users, this is really the only thing I have to complain about, but it is a big issue. When the extender is working, it works really well.

Would resetting the Network Extender help with this issue?


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Re: 4G/LTE Network Extender doesn't restart after loses internet connection
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I do not have a 4G Network Extender to compare against but this sounds like its the default behavior for that device.  Automatic reboots aren't always something you want a device to do, especially if you are troubleshooting and want to look back at logs.

If automatic reboots are an issue for you another work around might be to rig up the NE on a light timer.  That way you can force a reboot every night at midnight and keep the connection fresh.  Or if you had access to any other remote control light switching system you could send a command to toggle the power to the network extender that way too.